Miranda July Teaches Us How to Make Buttons

I love buttons. Often they are the final perfect touch to a project. I have been known to buy something at a second hand shop with the intention of just cutting off the buttons for keeps when I get home, and discarding the rest of the purchased item.
When a friend of mine mentioned this YouTube video, I instantly checked it out and was smiling ear to ear. You must follow this link to see Miranda July’s “How to Make a Button Video”.
I think this is just what we need to lighten things up on this stressful Monday. Let me know what you think.
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2 observations on “Miranda July Teaches Us How to Make Buttons
  1. theartistshouse

    What did happen to that lamp shade, hmmm. You know, Josh was never crazy about that cute shade. I wonder if its disappearance had anything to do with that?! Very mysterious. That was such a cute shade though. I would recommend using a glue gun. Sewing all those by hand is crazy.


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