Monet, Being a Ham in the Kitchen

Monet was wide awake and ready for the day, bright and early this morning. I hadn’t yet had my morning coffee and was struggling to embrace the day as gracefully as Monet had. As a result, I plucked Monet from her crib and gently plopped her directly on the kitchen floor. From there, I quickly looked for the first item that resembled a safe toy. I handed her a spoon and told her to go at it.
Her she sits, still in her sleep sack and dirty diaper, content as can be.

Monet had a grand old time, rolling around on the floor with her trusty spoon. In my defense, just the other day I cleaned the kitchen floor with the Shark Steam Mop. I think it kills something like %99.9 of germs.
The end result was I got my coffee and Monet, well, she got a spoon.
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2 observations on “Monet, Being a Ham in the Kitchen
  1. Run Lori Run

    What a wonderful, unique name! I love it! And I love the photos of your garden beds awhile back. I can't wait to get out in my garden too, its around the corner thankfully.


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