Progress at Last, Making Another Applique Quilt – Part 2

I’m happy to say that I made some serious progress on my quilt Sunday night. I was so surprised how fast it went. Josh entertained Monet while watching the end of the Super Bowl and in just two hours I was able to get all the long double strips sewn and ironed. What do you think so far?

From here I’m going to sew on applique birds so it looks like birds are walking off their fabric and onto the other fabrics of the quilt. Here’s a sneak peak…

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3 observations on “Progress at Last, Making Another Applique Quilt – Part 2
    1. Angela

      Thanks so much. Sorry I’m late replying to your comment. This blog was in the process of being built and I’m just now moving over to this blog and noticing your comment. There is now an RSS feed option in the upper right hand corner of the blog. Thanks for following 🙂

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