Saying Good-Bye to Our Beloved Charley Harper Quilt

Nursery with Charley Harper Quilt
Well, it’s official, Monet and I have decided to say good-bye to our beloved machine appliquéd Charley Harper quilt for a short while because a local quilt shop called Pipers has asked to display it.
Charley Harper Quilt
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4 observations on “Saying Good-Bye to Our Beloved Charley Harper Quilt
  1. Lil 'ol me

    What a wonderful idea! I think you have done an excellent job that Charlie Harper would be flattered by! And yes…. you are a designer.

    One of my favorite sayings is…
    'I am nothing… if not a part of everything that has ever inspired me.'

  2. Run Lori Run

    Good idea and beautiful quilt! We actually have this coloring book and his images are beautiful. I'd be interested in your pattern when they're complete!

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