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To closeout our baby series, we are going to end with a fabulous baby giveaway.  It’s been fun strolling down baby lane, but we at The Artists’ House are excited to get back to “art talk” next week.  For all you new parents, or friends and family of new parents, I hope these posts have been helpful.  

Drum roll please….

We have not one, not two, but three fabulous gifts for you.  And here’s what you could WIN…

Lacey from Lilacs and Lollipops, she was mentioned yesterday in our Etsy Direction, is donating any, that’s right, any HideAway nursing cover from her shop.

Don’t you love her fabrics?  These coverups are a must for nursing mothers.  Let’s just say that mine was a lifesaver the first time I flew home with Monet.  She nursed four times as I sat next to a complete stranger on a tiny plane; poor guy, I really felt bad for him.  You can read about Monet’s and my Great Adventure if you want.  

Now back to this wonderful giveaway…

In addition to the coverup, you will also win TWO screen-printed onesies, a frog and a fish, size 6 months and size 12 months, from our Etsy shop.  

And we’re still not done folks.  You will also WIN a fabulous pair of Organic Baby Legs to go along with the cute onesies above.    
These Baby Legs will grow with your baby, fitting him/her for years.
How do you win?
You can enter to win in one of FIVE different ways, or increase your chances of winning by doing all five of the submission choices below.  
But, please note that you must enter in a separate comment for each entry submission.  

1.  Leave me a comment.  Please remember to leave me with your email address so I can contact if you win.
2.  Become a “Follower” by scrolling down and clicking on the “Follow” button in the right sidebar column.  Already a follower?  You’re automatically entered again.  Just remind me by leaving another comment.
3.  Make an announcement about this Baby Giveaway on your own blog, Facebook page, or Twitter about us.  Then post your comment below with the link to the announcement.
4.  Make an announcement or leave a nice comment about The Artists’ House Blog or our Etsy shop on your own blog, Facebook page, or Twitter about us.  Then post your comment below with the link to the announcement.
5.  Leave me a suggestion, sharing with me one thing you hope to see on our blog in the future.
The giveaway closes on Wednesday, March 31st, at 11:59 p.m. (mountain time).  The winner will be contacted by email.
Good luck!  
And thanks again to Lacey, from Lillacs and Lollipops, for donating to this giveaway.

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15 observations on “Baby Giveaway
  1. kia

    Hi, I am a new reader of this blog and it is adorable. I have been scrolling some pages of it today, I will be back in the future as well.

  2. kia

    I suppose I really like the tutorials or images of things you create. I am a horrible one to talk because I make a lot of things too and intend to post them on my blog, but never do. I am also surprised that maya*made is not on your blog roll. Both your blogs seem similar.

  3. Laura Battaile

    Angela, I just love the products you have here. They are so much more unique than the standards you see in a store. And your blogs have been highly entertaining to read as I venture into some of the same experiences (especially the registering at Babies R Us!)! laura_beune@hotmail.com

  4. jaime-c

    Hey! Friend of Laura's here… saw her post on Facebook and I can't stand how cute the leggings are! Count me in, please! 🙂

  5. Kristin

    I have loved the baby posts this week. It's interesting to hear your thoughts and to see what suggestions you have for products.

  6. Kristin

    I'm excited to see more artists featured. I also like when you share projects you are working on. Loving your blog!

  7. Sheree

    This is where I meant to leave my other comment. Ok trying again. It's baby number 2 here. Thanks Angela. Oh and I will get a link up from my craft blog to your's, eventually.

  8. Anonymous

    Hey! I have had so many comments on the bag that you made! People have been asking me where I got it so I'll pass on your blog.



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