Etsy Direction – Baby Style – Five Things All Mothers Should Have

Today I’m going to point mothers, expecting mothers, people who know expecting mothers, and people who know mothers… Ok, who doesn’t this apply to then?  I’m so silly.  
Anyway, here is todays Etsy direction…
Amazing shops, full of amazing baby goodies.  Here are five things all mothers should have…
1.  Cute Onesies
2.  A “Lovey” blanket
3.  A One-of-a-kind Baby Quilt
4.  A Hip Diaper Bag
5.  Cute Shoes
These items are just the tip of the iceberg.  You really can find so many beautiful and one-of-a-kind items on Etsy.  
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5 observations on “Etsy Direction – Baby Style – Five Things All Mothers Should Have
  1. Sarah

    This is awesome Angela!! Everything looks really cute. Thank you so very much for posting my bag to your blog today:)

  2. Lisa

    Angela, Thanks so much for including my "Good Morning, Mr. Sun" baby quilt among these wonderful items! Such wonderful company!

  3. Jecklaine

    Angela, Thank you very much! I really appreciate you posting my Mary Jane shoes on your Blog! 🙂

  4. Run Lori Run

    Love the quilts. I'm addicted to etsy myself, my weakness: vintage tea towels! There is something for everyone!


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