Homemade Accordion Fold Book

This is an accordion-fold book I made for my daughter Monet to help her know her family and how they are all connected to her despite distance. It measures about 20 feet long. If you have a strong scroll finger feel free to check out the whole length of the book. You may also want to turn your computer 90 degrees counter clockwise to get the best effect. I apologize in advance for the seams. -Joshua

Happy Scrolling…

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3 observations on “Homemade Accordion Fold Book
  1. Kristin

    That is so cool. I think the only time I have held Monet is possibly when we stopped by to see you last July. We didn't see each other enough for me to hold her on her baptism weekend and I was sick at Thanksgiving. Maybe at Easter Monet and I can party together! 🙂 Kate will love seeing her. Bring this book too! I want to see it in person!

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