The Busy Puzzle

Josh and I have been very busy lately.  We have paper, pottery, and unfinished sewing projects scattered all around the house.  Our weekend plan is to have a perfect balance of diligent work and rest, without the distraction of electronics.  In our absence, why don’t you enjoy this “Busy Puzzle”, made by yours truly.  It’s real simple, all you have to do is match each photo with one of the statements listed below.  Two giveaways will then come from this little puzzle, one to the first person who gets the puzzle correct, and one to a random participant.  Just leave your answer as a comment below.  
A.  Hot off the press
B.  The piece of work that Angela is most proud of
C.  Sushi anyone?
D.  Can you spell “Tagine”
E.  A not perfect, but made with lots of love, gift for a dear friend
F.  Our dog Snickers biggest annoyance
G.  A neglected project
H.  A gift, not yet finished, for my beloved nieces
I.  X marks the spot for lucky number seven
J.  Angela’s pattern hangs out with some friends
K.  A little more practice and then I’ll post the tutorial




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4 observations on “The Busy Puzzle
  1. theartistshouse

    Thanks for your participation Janelle. You were very brave to be our first participant. I'm sorry to say though that you got four wrong. Don't be blue, that means you got seven right and that's pretty good. And hey, seven is a lucky number so maybe you'll still win the "Random Participant" giveaway. Good luck to ya!


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