A Quilt Survey

I’m starting another project and would love for you to help. The final product will be a lap quilt with felted butterflies migrating across the quilt-top.

Would you please reference to the photos below and then answer the following questions in the comment section…

1.  Which quilt-top layout do you fancy most? (reference to the photos below)

2.  Which are you more likely to buy: a quilt, a duvet, a fleece blanket, a crocheted blanket, or other?

Conglomerate One
One Lone Block
One Block Missing
Two Rows of Five
Ten Together
Conglomerate Two
Systematic Conglomeration
Thanks so much!  I really appreciate the help!
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8 observations on “A Quilt Survey
  1. kflicker

    I like the last 3…hahah I know that isn't much help! They would all work so great. It is hard when comparing side to side, but any design would do! 🙂

  2. chidori

    I like Conglomerate Two the most by far. I like the order and disorder of the two patterns coming together. It's visually more interesting to me, and Conglomerate One would be my second choice. It reminds me of Tetris actually!

    As for your second question, I would have to say fleece blanket based on my household. My son seems to get one from either or both of his grandmas every Christmas or birthday, and he has stolen mine off my bed! I swear he has four on his bed right at this moment even though it's starting to warm up. His morning ritual is to come out to the breakfast table wrapped up in one, and he makes a nest at his chair.

    Looking forward to what you're going to do!

  3. Kristin

    1. Conglomerate One (especially with migrating butterflies.

    2. I love quilts, but I know the time and money that goes into them (especially when using high-quality fabrics so they don't fall apart), so I don't think that I've ever actually bought one.

  4. The Artists House

    Thanks for all the feedback ladies. I love making quilts but wonder how marketable they actually are, so I appreciate your response to question two. In regards to question one, it seems the conglomerates are popular, lol, that's a fun word isn't it! I'll keep brainstorming and let you know my thoughts once their concrete. Thanks so much for helping me out!!!

  5. shanghaicowgirl

    I like the one piece missing one – it reminds me of Tetris.
    I also would prefer to buy either a quilt or duvet cover, it just seems like a long-lasting, better quality product for your money. Fleece blanket always seems cheap to me. Although I would consider buying one if it was made from recycling pop bottles.

  6. Nicole

    Fun project! I vote for Conglomerate 2 or the One Lone Block. As for purchasing… I love quilts, especially when they can be seen as a piece of art instead of just a blanket (which is why I like the dramatic asymmetrical looks you're working with!). They are timeless and look just as good thrown over the back of a chair or hanging on a wall as they do spread over a bed. My BF's grandmother made 2 amazing quilts for us and they are priceless in my opinion.

  7. The Artists House

    Thanks ladies! All your suggestions have really helped. I've decided to go with the Conglomerate 2. I think when I'm finished, if I make a quilt pattern, I'll include all the arrangements so people can choose for themselves. I'm now working on the felted butterflies. I can't wait to show more with you all once my husband and baby get over the flu.

    Thanks again!!!


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