Laughs at Dinner Time

I couldn’t stop laughing last night at dinner time.  Monet had part of her dinner stuck to her nose and for the longest time she had no idea.  Josh and I were laughing hysterically and Monet just kept smiling, pretending she understood the joke.
At the end of the night, Snickers (the dog) wanted to get in on the fun.  He helped to clean Monet up before I got to her with the wash-rag.  This is the only time you will ever see Snickers pay attention to Monet, when she has food.  Monet on the other hand loves Snickers.  She is constantly mustering up the energy to crawl his way and say hi, no matter how far he is.  And as soon as she arrives, Snicker walks the other away.  This pattern then continues, from room to room Monet will follow Snickers, Snickers leaving the minute she arrives. 
And who says kids and pets aren’t fun?  
If you have a funny dinner time story or picture, please share it with us today.  You can add your comments and/or links below.
Happy Monday!
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2 observations on “Laughs at Dinner Time
  1. Kristin

    This made me laugh and laugh, and I can imagine that you will remember that meal for a long time.

    I asked Ethan what he thought of the picture, and he said, "Monet not eat her food right."

    Give Monet a hug for us!

  2. The Artists House

    That's too funny. Kids say the absolute best things. I can't wait for Monet to start talking more. Give your kids kisses and hugs from us.


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