Mother’s Day Giveaway

No, we’re not giving away any mothers, instead we are honoring all the mothers out there by hosting a giveaway here at The Artists’ House.  And no, you don’t have to be a mother to participate.  Our sponsor this month is CSN Stores.  They have over 200 online stores where you can find everything from cookware to cribs, bar furniture to bedding, and so much more!  They even have an eco-friendly section.  So if your mother likes to…
listen to music
drink wine
or bake
then this giveaway is for you. 
One lucky winner will win a one-time-use, $40 gift certificate, to use as they wish on any of CSN’s 200+ websites. 
And if you win and you keep your winnings to yourself, I promise I won’t tell. 

How do you win?

You can enter to win in one of FIVE different ways, or increase your chances of winning by doing all five of the submission choices below.

But, please note, that you must enter in a separate comment for each entry submission.

1. Leave me a comment telling me why you love and respect your mother. Please remember to leave me with your email address so I can contact if you win.

2. Become a “Follower” by scrolling down and clicking on the”Follow” button in the right sidebar column. Already a follower? You’re automatically entered again. Just remind me by leaving another comment.

3. Make an announcement about this Mother’s Day Giveaway on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Then post your comment below with the link to the announcement.

4. Make a nice comment about The Artists’ House Blog or Etsy shop on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Then post your comment below with the link to the announcement.

5. Leave me a suggestion, sharing with me one thing you hope to see on our blog in the future.

The giveaway closes on Monday, May 3rd, at 11:59 p.m. (mountain time). The winner will be contacted by email.
Good luck!
And thanks again to CSN Stores for donating to this giveaway.
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24 observations on “Mother’s Day Giveaway
  1. Marissa

    The other day I was cleaning out a box in my attic. My mom had sent it to me about a year ago when she was cleaning out her attic. Most of the stuff I really didn't want or need. But rumbling around in the bottom of the box was a few "buttons" from the days when wearing buttons on your jean jacket was cool. Most of them were pretty dorky, but this one…

    I pinned it on my shirt and wore it around the rest of the day. It says-"Please save me from turning into my mother!"

    We all become a little bit of our mothers, both the good and bad. We can't help it. We don't always mean to do it. We're just born that way. And I wouldn't trade it for anything, even though the sentiment is good for a chuckle here and there.

  2. Janelle

    I'm not a mother yet, but I'll tell you the "lounge" idea is looking pretty good for the summer!

    I definitely appreciate my mom because of the way she taught me to thank others. I'm glad she raised me to always appreciate the little things and to always send thank you notes for gifts. I try to pass that on to my students in my 2nd grade class and I hope I can pass it on to my daughter as well. Thanks Mom!

  3. edmontonjb

    I love my mom because of the way she makes me feel – Always loved and never judged.


  4. urban craft

    my mother is the strongest person I know. My father passed away and was ill for many years and I can't believe she didn't come out of it without honestly turning a little insane. My mother not only goes out of her way for her family but is willing to find ways to help strangers and mankind as a whole. She is my model for God and I pray that I turn out to be just like her.

    I can't tell you how this is such an awesome giveaway. Thanks so much.

    yourkaren at hotmail dot com

  5. carmen

    Oh gosh. My mom is really great (although as a teenager I might not have said that quite as wholeheartedly!). One of my favorite things about her is how generous she is. She will give anything to anyone. For instance, there's a family that lives in her neighborhood who are struggling. Well when they upgraded cars, rather than trying to sell the old one, she decided to just give it to this family. GIVE IT! I love that her heart is so big and pray that I learn from the great example she sets!

    junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

  6. carmen

    As for suggestions, I love all the crafts you post on here (so inspiring!). The only thing I can think of is perhaps sharing more about your decorative answers to storage? I find that is one of the hardest things for me. How to store things in an attractive manner. I'd love to see crafty solutions!!

    junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

  7. Samantha

    I love and respect my mom because she always loved and respected me, even when "me" was a little hard to love and respect! (Try saying that 3 times fast!) When I was 15 all I wanted was to get my nose pierced. My super conservative mom was pretty horrified by this, but after she realized I was going to do it no matter what, she decided to take me to a piercing parlor to have it "done right." I probably avoided a raging infection by not having it done by some guy in an alley, and afterward she told me it looked "really cute with my purple hair." I'll never forget how she looked in that place, probably the only woman in a sweater set to ever set foot in there!

  8. philiphoppe

    1.I am writing about my kid's mom, my wife. She is truly amazing because despite the tragedy of two late miscarriage here dedication to our four living children is amazing. Her participation in their education is without compare, not only personally training them at home but also be very involved with their teachers a school. Some day someone will say that my kids got my brain. I will know and proclaim that their smarts are due to her diligence in teaching them the basics. I love her, as do her four. 🙂

    2. I also am now following.

    3&4. http://www.facebook.com/philiphoppe for both.

    5. I think that my only suggestion is keep up with the giveaways and passing word through social media. Got me here.

  9. Amanda

    My mom is wonderful! She has always supported me. She is a great listener and a great example of what I aspire to be.

  10. Anonymous

    I think that my only suggestion is keep up with the giveaways and passing word through social media. Got me here. -philiphoppee

  11. Anonymous

    You would think that as kids get older, your involvement and time commitment as a mom lessens. Not necessarily so…while the "kids" range in age from 25-33, my mom is still taking our phone calls, babysitting for grandkids, and generally still being a great mom to us. I love her. polkstina at hotmail dot com.


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