Free iPad x 2

Seeing double?  In a two week time span I have won two ipads.  I think I should write a book titled, “How to Win a Free iPad”. Could be a real money maker. The thing is, while I’m good at winning ipads, I have no idea how.  Karma?

My husband and I won our first ipad two weeks ago at my school’s auction. The funny thing is, I absolutely had a sense about it, similarly to predicting Monet’s exact birthday. The night of the auction, we had already bought one ticket and were content with that, but in the middle of a conversation I demanded Josh go buy another ticket. I was very insistent, similar to a two year old who might want a cookie.  Josh hurried over, scared I might make a scene.  And sure enough we won!

Now fast forward exactly two week, to the exact hour, maybe even the exact minute.  I was attending the Casual Blogger Conference, here in Salt Lake City.  Screamin Coupons was sponsoring the event and donated an ipad to the raffle.  It was quite remarkable to look at my ticket, almost in slow motion, as I heard my number read off.  I was the winner!  Thanks Screamin Coupons!

I can hardly believe it, two ipads in two weeks.

The first ipad we won has become Josh’s new best friend. I’ve barely touched the thing. And the second ipad, well, it still sits all nice and neat in its box. I’m not for sure what exactly to do with it. Should I keep it and use it? Should I sell it?

Hmmm, what do you think?

While I don’t know exactly what to do with the ipad, one thing I know for sure, I think maybe Josh and I should enter more raffles!

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12 observations on “Free iPad x 2
  1. Kathy D

    You total deserve it. I love that just seconds before you won, you was telling me how she needs more creative time to focus on projects. An iPad is the perfect creative tool for you!

  2. Kristin

    I want to hear about the bloggers conference! I can't believe you won two ipads! In two weeks! What a great story.

  3. The Artists House

    Thanks ladies, for all your sweet words and funny comments. My husband and I are simple people, it's weird having two ipads.

  4. The Artists House

    Can you believe they don't allow that in Utah, buying lottery tickets?! Rats! Maybe I should go to vegas!


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