Define Yourself As An Artist

Do you struggle to see yourself as an artist?  I know I did for a long time.  I felt that because I didn’t have any “formal training” I couldn’t be classified as an artist.  Other people saw me differently though.  They classified me as an artist due to my passion, my creativity, my experience, and the work I was producing. What does it mean to be an artist anyway?

Artist Pendant Necklace

The Gilded Lilly on Etsy

Here are some definitions of artist from the Web:

Do any of these definitions describe you?  Should you be defining yourself as an artist?  Then why aren’t you?

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4 observations on “Define Yourself As An Artist
    1. Angela

      Thanks Tawni. Josh and I will be selling at the Craft Lake City Festival on August 14th. You should stop by and pay us a visit. Hopefully our booths will be next to each other, fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. lifeologia

    I love your new home 😉

    Great definitions. I guess I would describe myself as someone who is creative and makes things look beautiful. I don’t call myself an artist though, just a designer. Hm, why did I just use the word ‘just’? Is an artist better than a designer, are they equal or the same?

    Sorry that I answered your question with more questions ;D

    1. Angela

      Don’t apologize Ella (lifeologia), your question was perfect. I was hoping people might question me a bit on this post. It is funny that you said that though. I often classify myself as “just” all sorts of things –I’m “just a mother” and “just an artist without a formal degree”, lol. I think it’s important for us to realize the talents and gifts we have and to state it boldly, without lessening what we are or what we do. Does that make sense? What do you think?


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