A Quilt Full of Memories

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on the floor of my studio pining the last row of my most recent quilt.  My husband and daughter had just gotten home, and while I was “locked” in my studio I heard Monet call for me, “Mommy!?”, asking if I was home.  I wanted to finish what I had just started so I continued to pin and let my husband continue to watch after her.  Something about the quilt I was making just seemed to draw me in and I couldn’t let it go.  I found that as I examined the quilt, each room on the quilt caused memories to surface in my mind.

machine applique quilt with reading chair and lamp

The suitcase reminded me of the two years Josh and I lived apart, trying to make our long distance relationship work before we got married.  The tub and stack of books beside the arm chair reminded me of our nightly routine with Monet, first giving her a bath and then reading her books before rocking her to bed.  Each glance another memory; I remembered pacing my house with the pain of contractions before we took off for the hospital, and I remembered all the times I walked in our front door to the sweet aroma of my husband’s cooking.  And so as I looked at the quilt blocks, with tears in my eyes, and contemplated the memories that were sparked, I came to the realization that rooms hold memories.

machine applique quilt retro home

My husband has often caught me standing in a doorway, looking into a room and admiring it.  And while part of me is admiring the design of the room, or how great a room looks once it’s all cleaned up and put away, the other part of me is thinking about the person that room belongs to, or something that might have just recently happened in that space.

Looking back, when I first started creating this quilt, I wasn’t sure why it seemed so compelling to me.  My hands just took over and created these rooms.

In hind sight, I now see it was my hands building something my heart was saying.

So, if you look at this quilt and only see empty rooms, well, I challenge you to look again, to look deeper.  Are you sure there isn’t a precious family memory hidden there?

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15 observations on “A Quilt Full of Memories
    1. Angela

      Thanks Molly! It’s funny you say that. Just last night I was talking with my husband about this. I was considering pricing it really high just because it is so dear to me –that and it honestly took me FOREVER to make 😉 Really though, everything I make is so dear to me and I think that’s important, to put your heart into your work.

  1. Justine

    Wow – this is gorgeous! I wish I knew how to quilt so I could make something that can be handed down to the next generation. A legacy of sorts. This would definitely be one of them.

    1. Angela

      I’m blushing! Thank you everyone for all the nice compliments. I too love how this quilt turned out and I can’t wait to make another one –I’m crazy like that 😉

  2. Nicole

    Angela, I absolutely love this quilt! It’s probably no surprise, considering I’m an interior designer, but I’ve never seen rooms on a quilt and I love how unique it is. I think you’ve touched on a key element of interior design. You’re not just designing a space, but you’re designing an atmosphere, a feeling. It’s about designing a room for someone specific, rather than something generic that might have great design elements but no heart. Just like what makes your work so important to you… 🙂 I sure hope you have one of those greeting cards at Craft Lake City tomorrow! (hint,hint)

    1. Angela

      It was so nice seeing you at the show today. Thanks again for your nice comments. I hope you love your cards 😉

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