The Top Guns of Blogging

I’m pleased to announce, a guest post from my husband, the sweet and funny, Joshua Flicker.

top gunWhen my wife was introduced to the “blogoshpere,” it immediately sucked her in.  She became a new person both literally and figuratively.  Now she isn’t just Angela, she has also become The Artists’ House, the name of her blog. She daily gets texts, tweets, liked, and friended by people who, like her, have online alter egos.  They have bodiless avatars sustained by, and living off of, the boundless energy of the Internet.  I’m not sure, but she may be approaching the point where more people have come to know her online persona rather than those flesh and blood people who have met her face to face.

At first I didn’t really understand this new world of hers, but just yesterday it totally clicked for me.  Angela was telling me all about what she had heard/read about from Soul Mamma, Dooce, Scoutie Girl, A la Mode Stuff, Design Mom, Molly’s Muses, etc. etc. etc.  “You sound like one of the pilots in the movie Top Gun.” The words came out of my mouth and I instantly knew that I had unlocked the confusing secret of blogging’s overpowering allure to women of the digital age.

Blogging is to women what Top Gun is to men.

The aforementioned blog names are the equivalent of the handles used by the Navy’s greatest fighter pilots.   To my wife, Scoutie Girl and Dooce are held in the same high esteem that Maverick, Goose, and Iceman are to me.  Seeing how Viper was taken down with a sidewinder and then buzzing the tower in celebration, is as equally stimulating to me as reading a new post on felting techniques and the indie craft movement is to my wife.  This new world is finally making sense.

The only thing I am still confused about is what the equivalent of playing sand volleyball shirtless and in blue jeans is in the world of the woman blogger.

– Josh Flicker

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5 observations on “The Top Guns of Blogging
  1. Linda @alamodestuff

    First, love that your hubs did a guest post. Second, it’s great he understands and appreciates what you do. And third, how awesome is it for my blog to be included in this post?! Can I be Kelly McGillis?

    1. Angela

      I know, I really am lucky. He is so supportative of everything I do. I can’t stop laughing in regards to your third question 😉

      Thanks for your awesome comment. Oh, and yes, of course you can be Kelly McGillis!

  2. Cyn

    Hmmm… shirtless/jeans beach volleyball might be equivalent to a surprise feature of one’s art/craft on someone else’s blog. Like a pick-up game for creative types.

    Loved your post! I wonder if I can get my husband to guest blog?


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