The Ingredients for Success

I can’t get sewing out of my head.  I feel like a teenager in love, always thinking about sewing, obsessing about it really.  Wait, is this a diary entry or a blog post?

love, heart, girl

"Complete" by Shira Sela

In all honesty, and putting all silliness aside, I am absolutely smitten and in love with me job.  I had my first big show this past weekend and I did quite well.  Besides getting a few big sales, I now have two stores interested in my work, one carrying my patterns, and one my finished quilts.  Along with that, I might even have a great connection to a big name gallery in our area.  And all of this buzz has just been fuel to my fire, my passion, my obsession.  Last night I was dreaming about quilts, my ideas taking form, and when I woke this morning, I jumped right into sketching.

All of this obsessing and passion has really got me thinking about the ingredients for success.  While I’m currently in love with my job, if I can’t eventually turn it into something that does well for me and my family, well, I might need to find a second job.

And then I heard this podcast and was convinced: Radio Lab Podcast: Secrets of Success

Here’s a short description:  Malcolm Gladwell doesn’t like Gifted and Talented Education Programs. And he doesn’t believe that innate ability can fully explain superstar hockey players or billionaire software giants. In this podcast, we listen in on a conversation between Robert and Malcolm recorded at the 92nd St Y. Robert asks Malcolm if he’s a “genius denier,” and Malcolm asks Robert if he’s uncomfortable with the power of love, as they duke it out over questions of luck, talent, passion, and success.”

Ingredients for Success

  • 1 cup talent
  • 4 cups time
  • 10 cups determination, passion, and love
  • pinch of good luck

What do you think the ingredients for success are?

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7 observations on “The Ingredients for Success
  1. Teresa

    I haven’t listened to the podcast. That will happen during my knitting time tonight. But I think there needs to be some knowledge thrown into the mixing bowl.

    1. Angela

      You know, I totally agree with this. Without knowledge, I think it takes people a lot longer to reach their dreams, sometimes never hitting the mark. We have to learn to become business people, and financial people, and experts in our craft. Thanks for the great comment!

  2. Jene

    I am so happy to hear that you did so well at the show. I told you, you would.
    You work is awesome and is going to do well, and there will be no need for a second job. Keep that recipe going, and you will be famous one day I just know it! Love ya and miss you!

  3. Valarie

    What a beautiful and inspiring blog! Your quilts are absolutely stunning….I have a feeling there are great things in your future!
    Riverside Travel
    Red Shed Antiques

    1. Angela

      Thank you for the nice comment! It made my evening. I can’t wait to meet you at the Creative Connections Conference. Until then, a sincere thanks 🙂


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