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I have some really good news for you!  Do you remember when you were just a kid, and often when receiving a gift from a care taker you were told, “Go ahead, but take just one.”  Take just one?!

As a child, this use to kill me.  Even as an adult I can’t take just one of anything.  Cookie?  Why yes please!  May I have ten?

social media facebook twitter flickr(Picture from She’s So Crafty Goods on Etsy)

The good news about social media platforms is that you don’t have to pick just one.  In fact, my recommendation is the exact opposite.  I recommend that you try a few out –not too many, but definitely a few, and especially the popular ones.  Give them a spin, like dating, and see which you prefer.  And because this isn’t a marriage, if a certain social media platform isn’t complementing your style, you’re not committed to it.  That being said, I also don’t recommend giving up on a specific social media application too soon. Let me explain.

Social media, like a shy person, sometimes take a few conversations to get to know.  Currently, I’m not completely acquainted with facebook.  We’re still getting to know one another.  I have a feeling that in the future we might become better friends.  On the other hand, and quite to my surprise, I adore twitter.  We hit it off right from the beginning.

When choosing social media platforms, my recommendations are this:

  1. Get on board! Yes, it will take extra time out of your day, but the reality is that this is where we are and where we will continue to gather in greater numbers.  The goal of your business should be to get your products and/or services out there.  You need to go where the people are. And believe it or not, the “If you build it, they will come” motto doesn’t work on the internet.  The competition is fierce and even if you are stumbled upon, without a link to the “person” behind the product, or a recommendation from a friend, most likely people won’t buy from you.  Social media builds both a presence and a reputation, so get on board!
  2. Use your technological devises. Smart phones, ipads, and other portable gadgets are great when it comes to creating a face online when you literally have just a minute here or a minute there.  I carry my iphone with me at all times and just chime in online when I can. It’s natural, enjoyable, and genuinely doesn’t seem like work.  Rather, it’s fun, like texting a friend.
  3. Find a system. It has taken me a little while to find a system that works for me.  And honestly, I’m still tweaking this system, keeping both my personality and the needs of my company in mind.  My iphone apps are an example of one “system” that has helped my situation.  Since I’m also a stay at home mother, my twitter app allows me to “be present” online while I’m also at the park with my daughter.  It’s easy, quick, and over time has big results with little effort.  Another system that works well for me is that I participate in the social media scene during the day when my energy and productivity level is low.  I try to keep my most alert hours for more important tasks, which brings me to my last point.
  4. Know when to turn it off! Another practice that I’ve put into place is that when my daughter goes down for her nap, all my electronic devises are OFF.  Instead, I use this time for more focused tasks like sewing and product development.  Social medial, just like dating, shouldn’t take up all of your time. Those type of relationships just aren’t healthy.

What’s my recommendation?  Just try it! Start “dating” and over time you’ll know what’s right, the good news being that you don’t have to pick just one.

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11 observations on “Choosing Social Media Platforms
  1. April

    Great post, Angela. I’m just like you–I hit it off right away with Twitter, but Facebook is taking some time. However, I’ve also found that I can reach a targeted group on Facebook much easier than Twitter. Each social media platform has their pros and their cons, and I think the best way to get to know what they are is to get involved. You never really know until you try it out. When I opened my account on Twitter, I thought I was going to hate it–but the opposite happened 🙂

    1. Angela

      Thanks for the comment April. It’s funny, even though I enjoy twitter more, facebook sends me more traffic, yet twitter has opened more doors… each platform has different pros for sure. Unfortunately there isn’t a formula for this stuff.

  2. Maegan

    Great article, Angela! It’s funny…I’m exactly the opposite of the way you feel about Twitter and Facebook…Twitter and I are still courting! There are a lot of great tips here…a couple I’ll be implementing myself!

  3. Irene

    Simple and incisive post Angela.
    I still need to find my system on twitter, by the way I’m discovering day by day how they’re becoming essential to improve our presence in the web and the image of what we do.
    Between the two at the moment I’m finding more usfeul facebook. There are always new ways to interact and use it to spread about things, and sometimes being creative can help on this too!

  4. Irene

    P.s. I’m spreading about all the posts of the series on my Imaginative Bloom page in facebook, day by day.
    You all are welcome to join obviously! 🙂

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