Let the Fabric Speak

Six years ago, I bough my first house and immediately I fell in love with being a home owner.  When those golden keys touched my hand, I unlocked that front door and walked into a space that was truly mine –mine to design, mine to manipulate, mine to care for and turn into a cozy place.

Well, ever since that day, fabric has spoken to me.

“Won’t you please make me into a table cloth!”  “I want to be a soft pillow!”  “Oh, oh, I want to hang over your windows!”

Recently, when listening to the fabric speak, these few art pieces have emerged…

machine applique and embroidery lemons“When Life Gives You Lemons” by Angela Flicker
machine applique and embroidery couch and clock“Time is Precious” by Angela Flicker

machine applique books on a shelf“A Great Escape” by Angela Flicker

It’s funny!  I now realize that the fabric is not necessarily telling me what it wants to be, rather unselfishly the fabric is communicating directly with me, giving me advise and acknowledging my feelings.

I know I’ve said it many time before, and I’ll say it once again…

Sewing is therapy!

These prints are available for sale in my Etsy Shop.
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