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Good morning.  I have some exciting news for you today.  Over the next two weeks, a fabulous group of women (including myself) will be blogging about how social media has helped them and their businesses.  You don’t want to miss this!

April, from Blacksburg Belle, has organized this fabulous event.  Check it out by clicking on the link below…

Introducing “Get Connected” – A Social Media Blog Series

Here’s the schedule…

Tuesday, September 21st: Meredith will write about the importance of relationships on Smaller Box.

Meredith says, “Social Media has been a great way to connect with our fans daily. We use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and our blog to share funny content we find online, photos, videos and stories from behind the scenes of our business. It’s a great way to get to know our customers, let them get to know us and quickly get feedback from them on projects we’re working on.”

Connect with Meredith on Twitter @smallerbox and on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 22nd: April will write about creating useful content on Blacksburg Belle.

April’s thoughts on social media, “When I first started using social media, I was skeptical, thinking that I was entering high school again. Once I realized I could make connections with other mixed media artists I’ve admired for years, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging opened new doors for me. At this point, I couldn’t imagine my business without social media.”

Connect with April on Twitter @blacksburgbelle or Facebook.

Thursday, September 23rd: I will write about choosing social media platforms on The Artists’ House.

My thoughts on social media, “Social media is important because it tells the story behind your products and business.  When selling online, you’re at a bit of a disadvantage concerning personal interactions.  When people come into your “shop”, physically they aren’t greeted by anyone.  Through social media, you can create a face and a narrative behind your online business and the products you sell.  Along with that, you’re able to connect with like-minded individuals.  Together, using social media, you can learn and support one another.  These two factors have transformed my business in a valuable way.”

Connect with me on Twitter @TheArtistsHouse and on Facebook.

Friday, September 24th: Tara will write about building a following on social media on Big Thinking for Small Businesses.

Tara says, “Social media has given me something that I – as an introvert – has never had before: a window into the world. Instead of living in a bubble of my own creation, social media has given me a platform for building a successful business, meeting influential people, and introducing me to innovative ideas. Social media, for me, is not something separate from my daily life but an opportunity to live my “real life” to its fullest.”

Connect with Tara on Twitter @scoutiegirlblog and on Facebook.

Monday, September 27th: Mayi will write about blogging on heartmade.

Mayi says, “I like to engage in social networking. It’s a fun + effective way to stay in touch with my clients + fans of my work. I like to use the tools that I enjoy most (Facebook + Twitter + Stumble Upon) + can commit too. I personally like to share healthy glimpses into my indie business + snippets of my personal life + bits of the things that inspire me + I’m passionate about.”

Connect with Mayi on Twitter @mayicarles and on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 28th: Mallory will write about twitter on Miss Malaprop.

Mallory says, “For me, social media has been instrumental in building a successful brand. I started my blog in 2006, always with the goal in mind of building up to an online store and later a brick-and-mortar retail boutique. Through the use of my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, I’ve found a community of like-minded people, and having that network already in place when I launched my online store earlier this year has made that process so much easier than if I had to start everything from scratch.”

Connect with Mallory on Twitter @MissMalaprop and on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 29th: Maegen will write about Facebook on Madeline Bea.

Maegan says, “I had been sharing my life and my journey through motherhood, creativity, and photography for years online through my blog and Flickr. But when I opened the doors of my portrait photography business this past summer, my substantial online connections weren’t helping me get local people interested in me and my photography. Facebook has allowed me to connect my online and local worlds and therefore has expanded the reach of my online messaging into my town and community…my potential clients!”

Connect with Maegan on Twitter @MadelineBea and Facebook.

Thursday, September 30th: Irene will write about email newsletters on Imaginative Bloom.

Irene says, “One of the most popular strategies that has always been essential to reach new readers, is advertising. Since all these social media platforms were born, we are able to easily, quickly and virally interact with hundreds and thousands of new – and old – contacts and spread content maintaining a constant connection with them. And it’s free!”

Connect with Irene on Twitter @ImaginativeB and on Facebook.

Friday, October 1st: Jessica Swift will write about Flickr on Jessica Swift.

“Social media is important in my business on a variety of levels. On a personal level, I work at home alone every day, and social media allows me to stay connected with others and have mini conversations throughout the day. On a business level, I’m able to use social media to connect with my customers and grow my audience and community. And on yet another level, social media allows me to stay tuned in to and learn about what’s happening in my world by following and listening to other people. The importance of social media just can’t be exaggerated!”

Connect with Jessica on Twitter @jessicagswift and on Facebook.

I’ll leave you with 10 reasons you need to follow this blog series and use social media:

  1. It is estimated that over 50% of new business will come from social media and internet marketing efforts over the next five years. That base number could triple by 2020, according to the Microsoft Small Business Summit 2008. (from Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars)

Head over to April’s blog to read the rest…

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