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  1. April

    Hey Angela-

    I feel ya! I hate the cold–and frankly, after the first day of snow, it’s just a pain. I sometimes feel really cooped up in the winter. Like you, I really enjoy being outdoors. I love playing with my dogs, spending time at the farmer’s market, and taking walks with my husband.

    So, if I let myself dwell on the things that I don’t like about winter, I’d probably want to stay in bed all day with the covers over my head. Instead, I focus on the things that I love about winter, and I try to incorporate something I love about winter into every day. I love decorating for the holidays, baking Christmas cookies, enjoying hot cider with family and friends, watching my dogs frolic in the snow, and reading next to the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. If I look forward to one of those things each day, it helps me deal with all the things that I despise about winter.

  2. Brittany

    I feel exactly the same way about fall, usually. I don’t do well in the winter, either, so fall was just the beginning of, or prelude to, winter. The only good thing about fall was starting new and exciting classes, which winter quickly turned into due dates, exams and essays.

    But, this is my first year to experience fall without school. So far, I am in love! The leaves are gorgeous, the air is fresh and lovely. The heat of this summer (hottest one on record!) suffocated me and I found myself longing for fall by mid-August.

    I know I’ll still suffer this winter, but at least I can enjoy fall :)

  3. Cyn

    Beautiful collage of photos, Angela! Ironically, it looks warm & inviting :)

    I am a girl who loves all the seasons. I think it’s the variety that I enjoy. Winter can be a bit of struggle with a toddler, though. I remember bundling up my boys, which took many minutes, then spending half that time outside.

    But now, we grab our boots and go for adventures in the cold and snow. I hope you have adventures this winter too!

  4. Linda @alamodestuff

    Angela, I am right there with you. I hate the grey, dreary months that winter brings. I do love Fall: the smell, the leaves changing, the cooler temps, but it does signal winter is near and I always dread the connection.

    Your positive attitude will certainly help change your outlook overall. I’m trying to do the same. Come January, you and I will have to commiserate.

    Your photos are gorgeous! Your walk with Monet will be a wonderful memory for years to come…especially in the hard months of winter.

  5. Angie

    I love winter as long as the skies are blue or snow is falling. Everything in between is yuck. I love how your perspective changes with your daughter’s genuine fascination and curiosity. Perhaps that joy will flow over into the winter months.

  6. Kristina P.

    I totally get it. But Fall is my favorite season. And since it’s been so hot for so long, I am worried we will have like 1 week of fall!

  7. Kristen

    I’m a big summer girl, and I am not that big a fan of fall, so I related to this a lot.
    I start to get a little perkier around Halloween, and then things start to get exciting around Thanksgiving, because that means Christmas is around the corner! And my birthday is two days after Christmas, so I really enjoy that holiday season. Then I start to get a little sad in January, because all those holidays are over, but then, the weather starts to get a little nicer and the days start getting a little longer, and then it’s spring, and that means that summer is right around the corner!!!!! :) Yep, my whole year is just one crazy roller coaster ride through the seasons :)

  8. fairchildstreet

    I know the feeling but I do try and remember the differences about each season and focus on the nice things. The shorter days to me take away the freedom of wandering. Winter is about snuggling, cooking warm foods and doing more indoor stuff. I am in Melbourne Australia so we are in Spring time at the moment and enjoying the warmer days etc. Charmaine

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