Featured and Honored

vintage bike and flowers(Picture from Mollys Muses Fine Art Photography on Etsy)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog post for you today.  I’m knee deep in fabric and quilts –working on custom orders, a secret project, and getting ready for upcoming holiday shows.

There is some good news though –I’ve been featured elsewhere.  At first, I didn’t know the protocol for things like this.  I was super giddy to be mentioned on such fabulous blogs, by such fabulous woman, but didn’t know if I should mention it to my readers.  Would it sound arrogant?  After time passed though, I realized that I was being silly, I should share my triumphs with you.

And so today, you should check out my past features over at…

Candied Fabrics as part of her Maker’s Must series

Molly’s Muses as part of her handmade countdown to Christmas series

Both of these woman are amazing artists.  You really should follow the before mentioned links, and check out their work as well.

Go on, go visit their homes today 😉

candied fabrics mod houses
(Picture from Candied Fabrics)

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One observation on “Featured and Honored
  1. Candy from Candied Fabrics

    HAH! You’re too funny, and thankyou! Don’t you know, being featured somewhere else (or writing a guest post) is like a free pass for a quick post at your home blog! You could have eeked 2 posts out of your 2 features! 😉 LOL! I’m crazy making too – just finished 6 more mod houses, as a matter of fact!


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