Month: November 2010

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Charley Harper Quilt, Safely Back Home

The Charley Harper quilt I made for Monet is safely back home, after hanging in a local quilt shop for the past 6 months.  As the air turned cold here in Utah, I knew it was time for the quilt to come home; I wanted it to be used for what it was intended to do.

machine applique charley harper quilt

machine applique charley harper quilt

Now that Monet is older, it’s neat to see her interact with the images on the quilt.

machine applique charley harper quilt


“A Crafty Holiday” is still going on.  Each day, a new list of handmade items –check it out!

Treasury Love

I was honored to be featured in three separate treasuries this weekend –both the treasuries, as well as the shops of their creators, were lovely.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


11x14 Black and White bamboo fine art Molly O'Bryon-Welpott World Consciousness

“Butterscoth and Turquoise” Treasury by MollysMuses

Vintage metal tree earr…


Winter Glow- rust orang…


get your cake on handma…


Classic Vintage Chain M…


Butterscotch Love – Gol…


Aromatherapy Rosemary L…


Little Mosaic Magnet wi…


Circle Ring in Taupe, L…


Stretching Out – Print …


Stone Shaped Bowl (Spec…


Teapot Girls Night Out …


Antique Swiss Embroider…


Bluebell Necklace


Signed Blackinton Victo…


1950’s Vintage Polk…


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Montgomery Ward Vintage Sewing Machine

“Time” Treasury by InaMaeVintage

reflections- photograph


Ungraspable – Etching 5…


Time Is Passing By / 2


Small Vintage Grocers T…


Fiber Wall Art – Time i…




Steampunk Ring – King&#…


Take Time Each Day 8×10


Time Book


Hidden Methodology – Vi…


Angel Assemblage Art …


Antique Brass Clock Wor…


Golden TIME


Vintage Winged Time Des…


Time Flies Letterpress …


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A vintage morning

“Cozy Evenings” by ColoursBetweenSeas

tiny candy pompom snow2…




2 Lavender bags- lavend…


SALE SALE Like a Prince…


Floating in the Clouds …


Cotton Candy, Free Ship…


Kissed By Pink – 8×8 Fi…


Pink High Heel Shoe Reu…


Double Capuchino 8×10 p…


Embossed Paper Stickers…


Sweet Dreams -Print – 1…


Vintage Spanish crochet…


Sneak Attack – lace, ch…


Lovely Bouquet – Suede …


Fallen leaves


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I hope you have as much fun clicking through these treasuries as I did –maybe they will inspire some holiday gift giving ideas.

Don’t forget to keep following  “A Crafty Holiday”.

Can we really have it all?

Lately I’ve been wondering, can we really have it all?  Can I be a successful designer, my daughter’s primary caregiver, a loving wife, a good friend –can I have all of that along with a clean house, a fit body, a home cooked meal, a well kept blog, and a steady income?  Is this possible?

Honestly, I have not come to a conclusion concerning this question; I have not really had time.  Instead, I have let this idea rest on the shelves of my mind, as I have worked, and I have sincerely thought about it.

And that is my moment for this week –pondering my ambitions, the expectations I have, and many woman have on themselves.  I am wondering, how can I live a fulfilled life, that really matters, but that also is peaceful and content?

This is a hard question, one that might take a while to answer.  But I feel that I am taking steps to a better place by just asking it.

om [one moment] meet upOM is *one moment* and is a meet-up designed to notice & relish a moment in everyday life. The meet-up idea was created by Linda at her blog, a la mode stuff.  If you’d like to participate in OM, just click the button and you’ll be taken to Linda’s post explaining it all.

Scrappy Projects

I’m a firm believer in saving and using scraps, even though it can sometimes become overwhelming.  I put up with the chaos it creates because I believe in being resourceful and “green”.  Lately, all my scrap-saving has really come in handy –I’ve been busting through my scrappy piles as I prepare for The Beehive Bazaar.  Do you want to see?

machine applique felt flower

A machine applique flower made from old sweaters.

applique flower made from an old skirt

A flower made from an old skirt, scraps of tulle, and an old sweater.

leftover batting

A throw pillow insert made with leftover quilt batting and poly-fill.

pot holders made from scraps

Potholders made with leftover fabric and binding scraps.

The potholder idea was inspired by Camille Roskelley, after taking her Retro Kitchen class at The Creative Connections Conference.  Below are my piles of coordinated scrap fabrics and scrap binding.

Are you working on any “scrappy” projects?

Always Unique, Only Handmade & Continually The Best

The Beehive Bazaar

Here’s the press release for this upcoming event:

It’s got the frenetic energy of a punk show, the culture of an art gallery, the community of your local farmers market, oh and lest we forget, a superlative shopping experience that is truly unparalleled anywhere in the state—it’s Utah’s own, independent arts and crafts festival, the Beehive Bazaar.

For seven years and fourteen shows, Noelle Olpin, Molly Call and Duane Call have hosted the bi-annual show providing a stage for local artists and crafters to share their unique, handmade wares with the community.

“We’re selective” says Molly Call, “If we’re going to include something in the show, it’s got to be unique, quality, handmade and most of all something we’d want to buy—it’s not about quantity, it’s about showcasing the very best, every time.”

In addition, Noelle Olpin says, “We focus on keeping a balance of new vendors and Bazaar veterans so each show maintains an air of familiarity and comfort spiked with plenty of surprise.”

This season the Beehive Bazaar will be held at the Women’s Center in Provo Utah, “It’s always been a place where the community has gathered—it’s at the heart of the town, close to the park, the city pool and the baseball field. We love supporting local culture, and think it’s the perfect place.” Duane Call said.

The Winter 2010 vendors offer a wide variety of arts and crafts including paintings, prints, jewelry, glass, paper, felt, glass, ceramics, bags, skirts, aprons, dolls, cards, home décor, ornaments, jams, cookies, cupcakes and oh-so much more. This season’s vendors include:

Alma and Mike Loveland
Amber Perks
Amy Elise Feisthamel
Amy Redden
Andy Chase
Angela Flicker
Anne Scott
Annie Kershisnik Blake
Annie Wheeler
Arinn Aanderud
Ashley Giessing
Ashley Isenhour
Ashley Mae Hoiland
Beccy Bingham
Bren Jackson
Candace J. Andersen
Caroline Drake
Carrie Poulsen
Colette Yarro
Colt Bowden
Dallas Russell
Dave Hamilton
Debbie Thompson
Emily Cooper
Emily King
Eva & friends
Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Wakeland and Heather Van Dam
Jessica Berrett
Jessie Huish
Jill Swensen
Julie Gillrie
Kanani Hayes
Keri Rainock
Krista Schmitz and Shelly Perkins
Leia Bell
Luze Howse
Lynlee Price
Mari Spiker
Melanie Elyse Brewster
Michael Phipps
Michelle Rasmussen
Monica Dennis
Morag Kawaskai
Nicole Choules
Nikki Jackson
Paula Hogan
Rachel Schutz
Samantha Kelly
Sonya Evans
Stacey Foster
Steve & Michelle Hunt
Susan Petersen
Suzanne Clements
Suzi Bates
Tami Thornton
The Estes Girls
Tonya Vistaunet
Trista Millette
Zoe Jacobson & Jeremy Josephson

Visit The Beehive Bazaar online to learn more about the artists, preview what they’ll have to offer and learn how to get involved yourself—the Bazaar is always scouting new talent.

The Beehive Bazaar dates, times and location:

– Thursday, December 2, 9PM – 12AM
Entry fee of $4, Thursday evening only
– Friday, December 3, 10AM – 10PM
– Saturday, December 4, 10AM – 8PM
– The Provo Women’s Center | 310 West 500 North

And here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been making…

patchwork quilts made by angela flicker from the artists' house

I hope to see you there.

patchwork quilts made by angela flicker from the artists' housepatchwork quilts made by angela flicker from the artists' housepatchwork quilts made by angela flicker from the artists' house

A Great Man

Angela Flicker and Josh Flicker

I have known Josh for 10 years now, and yesterday we celebrated his birthday.

I come from a family of divorce, along with other closet skeletons that I rather not dredge up.  Growing up, every night, I dreamed and prayed that one day I would meet a great man and forever the two of us would be.  Cheesey I know, but more than anything, that is truly what I wanted.

Then in college, I met Josh.  Instantly he intrigued me and for two years I went out of my way to talk to this lovely, introverted, blue-eyed boy.  Eventually, we started dating and as time passed it became more and more evident to me what a good man Josh truly was –so we got married.

angela flicker and josh flicker

Secretly, I have been working on something big lately, and while I can’t tell you much about it, what I can tell you is that my work load has been very heavy, my sleep almost none, and as a result, my stress level is high and my temperament not so pleasant.

My moment for this week came the other day, when in the midst of my ugliness, a great man was patient and understanding, and instead of fighting back or leaving, he forgave me and stayed up late to help me with my work.

Moments like these remind me of what a great man my husband is, and moments like these remind me of how lucky I truly am.

angela flicker josh flickerangela flicker and josh flicker

Happy birthday, to the greatest man I have ever known.

Because people, smiles and laughter, more than anything else, is truly what makes a house a home, I hope you enjoyed this weeks “moment”…

om [one moment] meet upOM is *one moment* and is a meetup designed to notice & relish a moment in everyday life. The meetup idea was created by Linda at her blog, a la mode stuff.  If you’d like to participate in OM, just click the button and you’ll be taken to Linda’s post explaining it all.

9 Creative Women Share Secrets to Succeeding with Social Media

Succeed with Social Media
It’s here, the free ebook I was telling you about, put together by April from Blacksburg Belle. This ebook is packed full of great tips!  And since it’s in ebook form, you don’t have to digest it all at once –instead use it over time, as a reference or a guide.

Go ahead, take a peak, it’s FREE!

Making This Home

I’m pleased to introduce you to Katie from Making This Home.  Katie is someone I have had the pleasure of meeting through “A Crafty Holiday”.  Her story is both intriguing and sweet.  Go ahead, read on…
Briefly tell us who you are, where you are, and what your blog is about.

I’m American; my husband is German.  We split our time between a 480 square foot apartment in Berlin, Germany and – get this – a house made out of hundreds of recycled tires in the Rocky Mountains.  We ride our bikes just about anywhere we can, eat our vegetables, fly airplanes, and have an enormous passion for seizing life.

Katie from Making This Home

My journals have always documented our adventures.  But we just couldn’t keep it all to ourselves.  (The love of fun journals, I mean.  NOT the jetlag.  You really don’t want that!)

Katie from Making This Home

My blog, Making This Home, is about creating a handmade and simple (and often expat!) home.  Also, you can visit my shop called Gadanke here.

When you hear “making a house a home”, what does that mean to you?

Living abroad has completely changed that definition for me.  Before you can make a house your home, you have to make your community become your home.  You have to love where you live.

eating-in-berlin Katie from Making This Home

I’ve met some really amazing expats in Germany – some are other Americans, some don’t even speak English.  We struggle through German lessons and conversations together.

You don’t have to be fluent in the local language to call a place home.  You don’t have to completely understand the culture around you to love it.  You just have to be open.

At the same time, I have been meeting expats who just ache to get back to where they came from.  They hold on so tightly to the world where they came from – to the place where everything was comfortable.  I come home feeling drained.

Somehow, I’d love to give them passion for this fabulous place where we get to live.  It’s all about your attitude and the way you look at everyday life and the choices you get to make.  No one can alter that for you – no matter where you live or have lived.

So what is home?

If you’re not there right now, what do you suppose could change that?  Is it physically moving to a new place?  Or is it moving your heart?

Tell me some ways that you have made your living space in Germany a home?

We make a handmade home.  I sew and cook and journal our story.  But even deeper than that, we designed and built the kitchen all by ourselves.  My husband would be at the table saw with a sheet of wood we were turning into a cabinet door; I’d be hanging out the window to balance the fresh cut.  We’d be varnishing and sanding.

Katie from Making This HomeKatie from Making This Home

Germans actually refer to our open kitchen as “an American kitchen”.  That space is all my own (even if its only 36 square feet) to create American food or figure out German ingredients.

What advice can you give to other people who are “making home”.

Love Where You Live!  I think that phrase says it all.  It’s also the title of the home minibook I sell at my shop.  So much of our stories of who we are and who we are becoming happens at home.  Sometimes sitting down to write about it truly makes you realize how much beauty there is where you are.

Katie from Making This Home

Check out Katie’s great journal and memory keeping shop called Gadanke. You can also find her on twitter and facebook.
Thanks Katie, for letting us take a peak into your world.