A Great Man

Angela Flicker and Josh Flicker

I have known Josh for 10 years now, and yesterday we celebrated his birthday.

I come from a family of divorce, along with other closet skeletons that I rather not dredge up.  Growing up, every night, I dreamed and prayed that one day I would meet a great man and forever the two of us would be.  Cheesey I know, but more than anything, that is truly what I wanted.

Then in college, I met Josh.  Instantly he intrigued me and for two years I went out of my way to talk to this lovely, introverted, blue-eyed boy.  Eventually, we started dating and as time passed it became more and more evident to me what a good man Josh truly was –so we got married.

angela flicker and josh flicker

Secretly, I have been working on something big lately, and while I can’t tell you much about it, what I can tell you is that my work load has been very heavy, my sleep almost none, and as a result, my stress level is high and my temperament not so pleasant.

My moment for this week came the other day, when in the midst of my ugliness, a great man was patient and understanding, and instead of fighting back or leaving, he forgave me and stayed up late to help me with my work.

Moments like these remind me of what a great man my husband is, and moments like these remind me of how lucky I truly am.

angela flicker josh flickerangela flicker and josh flicker

Happy birthday, to the greatest man I have ever known.

Because people, smiles and laughter, more than anything else, is truly what makes a house a home, I hope you enjoyed this weeks “moment”…

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8 observations on “A Great Man
  1. Cyn

    I have one of those too! We have to remember to step back from our madness of indie biz and appreciate who these men are and how they try to understand what we are doing with our lives. Thanks for reminding me to do that for my great man.

    [ love the photos too 🙂 ]

  2. Linda @alamodestuff

    Wow, what a great looking couple! Happy birthday to him and congrats to you for having a great partner. Running a successful business is impossible without their support.

    I, too, count myself among the lucky ones.

  3. Dana

    Happy Birthday to Josh !
    It’s really helpful and comforting (and lovely) to have an understanding and supportive partner.
    Good luck with your project !

  4. Kristen

    This post warmed my heart 🙂 It reminded me of what a great guy I’ve got, and how excited I am to take the marriage plunge with him (July 16, 2011!!! ack!)

    I too come from a family of divorce and have worked hard trying to find some positive examples of what a happy marriage can look like. I am SO HAPPY that you were able to find it for yourself and live it. Dreams really do come true 🙂



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