Can we really have it all?

Lately I’ve been wondering, can we really have it all?  Can I be a successful designer, my daughter’s primary caregiver, a loving wife, a good friend –can I have all of that along with a clean house, a fit body, a home cooked meal, a well kept blog, and a steady income?  Is this possible?

Honestly, I have not come to a conclusion concerning this question; I have not really had time.  Instead, I have let this idea rest on the shelves of my mind, as I have worked, and I have sincerely thought about it.

And that is my moment for this week –pondering my ambitions, the expectations I have, and many woman have on themselves.  I am wondering, how can I live a fulfilled life, that really matters, but that also is peaceful and content?

This is a hard question, one that might take a while to answer.  But I feel that I am taking steps to a better place by just asking it.

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8 observations on “Can we really have it all?
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  2. Dana

    I’ve always been thinking I can’t possibly have everything, and it can’t be everything perfect just because the human being is not perfect, we all have our limitations.
    I try my best and I don’t push myself over limits, I prefer to doze my effort, to take everything step by step as it comes.

  3. Linda @alamodestuff

    This is something I’ve considered for many years. I don’t even want it all anymore. I just want balance. I really don’t think anyone (men included) can have it all. Something always has to give. The busier we get, the more it’s true.

    I’ve learned to let go of the things that aren’t important and make the best choices for the moment. Often, that means dishes are in the sink (something that would have driven me over the age 13 years ago).

  4. Cyn

    I’m with Linda – balance is where it’s at. Something or someone will always tip the scale of your life and you have to let things go to even it out. I think our jobs as women and as the people most likely running our homes is to decide what we let go and to be okay with our decision.

  5. Angela

    Thanks ladies. That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately too. I think this is good for me, to accept that what I’m able to do in a day IS enough. And if my house is a mess and dinner not so fancy, well, that’s ok. Life is about choices I think, and “no” is just as much a choice as “yes” is, you know? Thanks again. As I push forward with accepting this idea, I know your words and advise will stay with me.

  6. April

    Hey Angela,

    I think you can have it all–but only if you get help. As women, we tend to want to do it all–myself completely included in this. But, can we seriously keep our houses spotless, run successful businesses, spend quality time with our kids, husbands and friends, and still have time to create? I’ve finally realized that we can, but only if we learn to hire things out.

    Think about it. Is your time better spent cleaning your house for a full day every week or making new products? Is your time better spent making new creative products and building relationships with customers or is it better spent taking pictures of your stuff and uploading it onto to Etsy?

    Do you think that successful women entrepreneurs do all this stuff? I’d bet money that they don’t. At some point, you have to figure out how to leverage your time. This means deciding what tasks can make you the most money and increase your business success and make you the happiest. All the other stuff, you can find people to do for you.

    It’s scary hiring someone–especially, someone to work on your business. But, if you want to have it all, in my opinion it’s the easiest and best solution. Often times we think we can’t afford to hire someone, but when we do, it frees us up to make more than enough money to cover that expense.

    1. Angela

      Thank you for this thoughtful comment April. I think you bring up a really valuable point here. Yes, we do want to do it all and hiring help might be a perfect solution. I also think it’s important to look into the future and ask, “what will I regret not doing?”. Those are the things I commit my attention to and the other things, well, I’m better at letting them go. My home for example, use to be spotless, and now I’ve learned to lessen my standard for what “clean” means. Maybe it’s a balance of choosing what’s most important and putting our energy there –and then getting help in the other needed areas. Thanks April! I think your suggestion brings me one step closer.


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