Scrappy Projects

I’m a firm believer in saving and using scraps, even though it can sometimes become overwhelming.  I put up with the chaos it creates because I believe in being resourceful and “green”.  Lately, all my scrap-saving has really come in handy –I’ve been busting through my scrappy piles as I prepare for The Beehive Bazaar.  Do you want to see?

machine applique felt flower

A machine applique flower made from old sweaters.

applique flower made from an old skirt

A flower made from an old skirt, scraps of tulle, and an old sweater.

leftover batting

A throw pillow insert made with leftover quilt batting and poly-fill.

pot holders made from scraps

Potholders made with leftover fabric and binding scraps.

The potholder idea was inspired by Camille Roskelley, after taking her Retro Kitchen class at The Creative Connections Conference.  Below are my piles of coordinated scrap fabrics and scrap binding.

Are you working on any “scrappy” projects?

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3 observations on “Scrappy Projects
  1. Molly O'Bryon-Welpott

    Funny, I just collected a lot of fabric scraps today from when we made cookies in a jar toppers at the elementary school, I used them as extra cushion for packaging and maybe the next person will do the same:) It was a little brighter in the box~

    LOVE that red flower

    1. Angela

      You’re so sweet. I’m going to do a few tutorials after the new year: scrappy like projects and a quilt a long I think. You should join in 😉 Details to come…


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