A Heartmade Eco-Holiday Contest

Have you heard about the eco-holiday contest going on over at Heartmade, inspired by the lovely Mayi Carles?  Today is the last day to submit work.  Check it out.

hearmade's eco-holiday contest

I decided to submit a few items --both inspired by applique and Christmas.

Growing up, my grandmother whom I’m very close to, never wasted anything.  For example, I have vivid memories of her putting water into a basically empty ketchup bottle where she would shake it around and dump it into a pot of soup she was cooking on the stove.  Wasting was not an option.  And since I lived with my grandmother for awhile, and grew up around her after we moved out, I believe her ability to use every last drop has been past down to me.  This is why I love applique –applique allows me to use all the scraps of fabric I collect over time, instead of throwing them away.

The print below for example, was made entirely out of scrap fabric, scrap binding, scrap ribbon, buttons, and embroidery thread.  And the Christmas tree was made from re-purposed felt, originally a sweater with moth holes from my wardrobe.

christmas machine applique scene

I made this holiday applique scene awhile back, as I was getting ready for the "A Crafty Holiday" blog hop event.

Christmas machine applique pillow

I then turned the print into a pillow for my mother, again using scraps I had left over from quilting.

Christmas machine applique pillowChristmas machine applique pillow

Lastly, I used scrap fabric to make name tags, putting the names of all the grandchildren in my immediate family on the presents, and the pillow insert was made using scrap batting and scrap polly-fill.

sewn paper and fabric cards

I also made a few Holiday cards, again using scrap paper, buttons, and fabric.

I hope this inspires you to save your scrap fabric in the future.  Any piece of ribbon or fabric, bigger than an inch, get’s saved in my studio.  Look at the tiny presents, with their tiny ribbons –really, every last drop can be used, just like my grandmother use to do.

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2 observations on “A Heartmade Eco-Holiday Contest
  1. Tracey

    The philosophy of ‘using everything’ and ‘wasting nothing’ is an admirable goal … I know that I could do much to improve my behaviour in both departments.

    You’ve certainly inspired me to save anything and everything useful – after all, you never quite now how it will come in handy in the future! 🙂


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