Bedrooms with Beautiful Handmade Quilts

bedrooms with beautiful handmade quilts

Every bedroom deserves a beautiful handmade quilt.

The quilt from my childhood is moving towards the fragile state, so we no longer use it on our bed.  I’m hoping to make a quilt for my bedroom this winter, and I’m finding these pictures very inspiring.

bedooms with beautiful handmade quilts

I love the light walls, and the way the fabrics on the quilt play with the other items in the room.

bedrooms with beautiful handmade quilts

Do you see how the quilt speaks up and really makes a statement in these spaces?  They’re simple, classic, and breathtaking!

bedrooms with beautiful handmade quilts

What do you think?


image credits:  Apartment Therapy, Habitually Chic, With Love, Jamie’, Coco Cozy
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10 observations on “Bedrooms with Beautiful Handmade Quilts
    1. Angela

      Ohhh, that is special. I bet it’s super soft too. Some of my favorite blankets come from long ago –mom, grandma, aunts. Cherish it! I’m sure a lot of love went into that handmade gift 😉

    1. Angela

      That is precious. Do you use it? Or maybe it’s a cherished piece that is more decorative? Either way, what a lovely gift 😉

  1. Tracey

    I love handmade quilts, and the examples you’ve included here are lovely indeed!

    I’d love to learn how to quilt so I can make one for myself! 🙂

    1. Angela

      Thanks for the nice compliment.

      Oh, and you can learn to quilt Tracey because I’m doing a quilt-a-long after the new year. Then you’ll have a quilt of your very own 😉 Won’t you participate?

  2. Randomlittlelady

    I love handmade gifts, they are so special and gorgeous. When i was a baby my godmother made me a quilt which i still cherish. It was my blanky. Now i’m saving it in a special chest so that it will last until i have kids.
    I love going to thrift stores and buying handmade quilts. I take them home, hand wash them with some gentle fabric softener and they are restored to their former glory. They look fabulous on beds, chairs and sofas and are always on hand if I’m ever cold. The most intricately patterned quilts are hung on walls and they look amazing! They tie in so well with the bohemian theme of my house and everyone loves them. i have tried making quilts but i don’t have the patience or skill needed.
    Cherish your handmade quilts.


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