A Touch of Sunshine

January has been a rough month, between all the snow and the sickness.  First a cold, then I caught that horrible stomach bug, then another cold (or the same cold, who knows), and then a sinus infection.  Ugh!  Along with that, the inversions have been long, and the snow heavy.

My moment for this week came just the other day, when we went to the park to get a touch of sun; and even though it was still cold out, there was no snow, no inversion, and no sickness for the first time in a month.

Ahhh, I literally breathed a sigh of relief.

Because people, smiles and laughter, more than anything else, is truly what makes a house a home, I hope you enjoyed this weeks “moment”…

om [one moment] meet upOM is *one moment* and is a meetup designed to notice & relish a moment in everyday life. The meetup idea was created by Linda at her blog, a la mode stuff.  If you’d like to participate in OM, just click the button and you’ll be taken to Linda’s post explaining it all.
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7 observations on “A Touch of Sunshine
  1. Cyn

    Oh yes! What a little sunshine will do for your soul… Makes getting beat up by the weather and germs a distant memory.

    Here’s to more sunshine, less snow and tons of smiles like Monet’s.

  2. Linda @alamodestuff

    Again, we are in sink with our posts! LOL, I hadn’t read yours before I posted mine.

    Those photos are adorable! They’d make a lovely triptych on your wall.

    This time of year, little moments of health, sun, and happiness is so welcomed!

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  4. Angie

    Oh, I HATE inversions. We shouldn’t have to drive to the mountains for a dose of sunshine. I’m happy you took advantage of the pocket of sunshine that brightened your day.

    1. David

      How could you mention the ‘s’ word? We have an ‘s’ word here too srviehing. It is so cold at the moment, heavy grey skies.. we are promised a brief glimpse of sunshine if we are lucky and from a quarter-Welsh person, thank you!

  5. Kristin

    I love these happy pictures! Whatever app you used made them look retro. Like what pictures would look like from kids from our generation. Hope the sickness is gone!


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