Stylish? That’s Debatable!

stylish blogger awardThank you Molly, from Mollys Muses, for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award.  I really appreciate the nice compliment.

So this is how the award works.  Honorees do the following: thank and link back to the person that awarded them, share 7 things about themselves, and pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers.

7 Things about Myself:

1.  I spend most days in my PJ’s, only to shower at night and put PJ’s back on.

2.  I blog in bed, before the sun comes up, and before I’ve brushed my teeth.

3.  My primary responsibility is taking care of my 18 month old daughter who is an expert at sensing when I have actually put something clean and somewhat stylish on, only to stain it before we get out the door.

4.  When my house is clean and put away, it is magazine worthy.  Unfortunately my house only looks that way 1% of the time.

5.  Lately, all of the art is our home is wall art because that is the only art my daughter can’t reach.

6.  Yesterday after finally getting through 5 loads of laundry, I was left with 4 white socks that read, “Old Navy 0-6 months”, “Old Navy 6-12 months”, “Old Navy 12-24 months”, and “Children’s Place 12-24 months”.  Are you kidding me?

7.  Sometimes I make a circle with my hands and I squeeze it around the fat on my belly.  The results look like a bagel and this makes my daughter laugh.

Why am I telling you this?  Because in reality, most days I don’t feel all that “stylish”.

I guess I want people to realize that behind all the style and success that we see online, a mess most likely hides.

Let’s keep it real.  Are any of us really all that “stylish”?

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8 observations on “Stylish? That’s Debatable!
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  2. Angela

    Thanks Ladies. But wait, I never doubted being cool, just stylish, haha. I really appreciate the nice words. It’s good to keep it real though. Don’t you think?


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