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If you know me, or socialize with me, you know that I say, “I’m a mess!” a lot.

The funny thing is, I’m really not a messy person.  Growing up, I was the clean, organized child –in fact I actually have OCD tendencies.  Monet and I clean up, oh, about 5-10 times a day.  Go ahead, laugh. The reality of the situation is, I can’t help it, I sincerely struggle with anxiety. Before I was a mother, I had time to be organized and clean, but now, well, Monet can make messes faster than I can clean them up –that and I’m also trying to run a creative online business!?  Where does this leave me –well, it often leaves me frazzled and unfocused.

Just recently, I have found a product that has really helped me. I have started using it religiously, and as a result, I feel more focused and on-task.  The second I start to feel overwhelmed, or lost, I pull out my “Life is Messy” planner, and then after a few minutes of unloading my mind, or checking what it is I should be doing, I’m able to stop, focus, breath, and get back to life.

Anxious or not, these planners are amazing.  I love how you can systematically use them to accomplish big goals and tasks, but along with that, they also help with the everyday nitty-gritty.

And because I’m such a fan of this product, I bought an extra “Life is Messy” planner from Mayi over at Heartmade Blog, to giveaway today.

Here’s how the giveaway works:

To enter, click on the button (over there on the left) and leave a comment below telling me what you like best about this product.

For extra entries you can “like” me and Mayi on facebook, sign-up for both of our newsletters, “heart” our Etsy shops and/or publicize this event on twitter, facebbok, and/or your own blog.  Tell me about it below, each as an individual comment, to improve your chances of winning.

The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, February 14th. Good luck!

Giveaway winnerOur lucky winner is Di.  Congratulations!

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17 observations on “I’m a Mess! + Giveaway
  1. Andi

    I just discovered you through your amazing tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew and have had a great time reading your posts and checking out links (including this one.) I love that this planner has everything – the blog post planner, the menu planner, goals and actions. I am especially excited about the awesome goal generator and the blog post planner – I really need both of those tools! Thanks for sharing this (and the chance to win!)

  2. kia

    O.k. this is really cool. Thank you for turning me on to Mayi (though I must admit my first soft spot is that I am 1/2 Panamanian and thrilled she is representing Panama City). I love the editorial content calendar not being kept digitally. I am a pragmatic person so love this approach.

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  4. ang

    Love how it’s so systematic and logical. It’s also very easy and a great thing to have beside the phone when making appointments – especially for a family.

    liked you on fb and tweeted . ieatachoo

  5. Dita

    I love your planner idea. Not only does it focus on today’s to do list but it takes it further – how to achieve that and work on those points. Very objective. I like the way you showed the importance of the big picture. yeh, yeh yeh, we all know that but as you mentioned, we fail to put that in out practice. I think this product will benefit a lot of women.

    I am so glad I found you in this blogosphere.

    I’ll now visit your etsy shops and your friend’s too.

    Thank you – Dita

    from http://www.alankarshilpa.etsy.com

  6. Kelly P

    I love the idea of planning my meals out on something — I always mean to, but never manage it. Maybe this would help!

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  8. Di

    That’s me! Great, thanks heaps! Just replying here in case you don’t receive my email reply – yes that is my correct email address, just was getting a hotmail error message this morning that it wasn’t able to send any messages.
    Hopefully you got my reply!
    Thanks for this YAY!!


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