The Touch of Fabric

Turned Edge Machine AppliqueGood Morning.  My hands are hungry to touch fabric this morning, instead of this dreaded keyboard.

get a custom made quiltCurrently, I’m in the middle of creating 7 new quilts –cut and pieced fabric is scattered all over my studio.  Along with that, I’m working on two big tutorials, I have a quilt pattern in its final stage, and 2 wall arts that I want to finish.

get a custom made modern quiltget a custom made quiltCoffee has finally kicked in, so while baby sleeps, I’m going to go sew.

I hope you get to touch some fabric today.

Bye for now.

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4 observations on “The Touch of Fabric
  1. Kristin

    Seriously! Isn’t it awesome when you get to work and push yourself and get projects done. That is quite a list. I like all the piles of solid prints. You’re amazing!


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