Caring for Baby Chicks and an Urban Garden

caring for baby chicksMy family roots tie me to farmers, yet I find myself drawn to wanting to live in the city– I sometimes feel like I’m living a double life.  My backyard, while very small, is a garden haven in the summer.  Most of the yard is filled with raised beds where we grow various vegetables.  In the spring, we cover the raised beds with green house covers so that we can have a cold crop before we plant the summer crop around Mother’s Day.  We also compost.  And now, as thought our little city garden wasn’t enough, we have added chickens to the mix.

caring for baby chicks

caring for baby chicks

I can not tell you the joy these little chicks have brought to my home.  About 10 times a day, my little daughter says, “Mommy, lets go see the chickens”, and to be honest, I think I would visit them just as often, even without my daughters prompts.

cold crop plants and green houseAlong with that, my husband, daughter, and I have spent a ton of time in the garden.  Along with sewing, gardening is therapy to my soul.  So soothing and rewarding.  My moment for this week came when I realized that my daughter honestly loves gardening as much as I do.  Often, on nice days, we don’t even get out of our pajamas, instead we head straight outside to play in the dirt.  I wonder, is there a garden gene, do family roots run that deep?  Just like I use to sit with my grandmother and “help” in the garden, Monet now does the same with me.

Because people, smiles and laughter, more than anything else, is truly what makes a house a home, I hope you enjoyed this weeks “moment”…


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11 observations on “Caring for Baby Chicks and an Urban Garden
  1. Cyn

    I’m jealous! I have toyed with the idea of “keeping chickens” but I don’t think I have the proper time to devote to the care and feeding of them. I can’t wait to hear more… And now I know where to come for gardening advice 🙂

  2. Angie

    This is wonderful! I do believe there is a gardening gene. My mom has it. Sadly, it skipped me. BUT, I’m happy to report my daughter has it. She spends hours with her hands in the soil. Her purses are all stuffed full of flowers, leaves and other garden discoveries. I need to create a space for her to work in. What a gift!

  3. PD Architecture

    We are looking at having our own chickens to go with the fruit garden we have just planted, but a bit nervous never having really cared for any live animals before – good to see you are making it work in a city garden although you have a head start on us with your farming background. Paul from West Bridgford


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