Making a House a Home: Sewing Tutorials

sewing tutorials

When it comes to the art of making a house a home, I believe it’s important for some of the items in your home to be made by hand –I’m not talking about items just for your home, but items used by loved ones in your home as well.  Here are a few sewing tutorials that I hope inspire you to create something special for your space, and the people you love who live in it:

  1. Pleated Tote Bag Tutorial by U-Handbag
  2. Cathedral Windows Pillow Tutorial by House of a la Mode
  3. Headband Tutorial by JezzePrints
  4. Spider Web Quilt Block Tutorial by House of a la Mode
  5. Diamond Quilt Top Tutorial by Urban Patchwork
  6. Add a Zipper to your Pillow on Sew, Mama, Sew!
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3 observations on “Making a House a Home: Sewing Tutorials
  1. Kristin

    These all look like great fun. Someday. .. I will take on a new project. So many right now!

    So we are hoping to be in your area this weekend. Can we meet you at a park or something? Maybe Saturday when Gabe and Karen are there? The kids want to see you and their cousin and I would love to catch up.


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