My Monochromatic Quilt for the Mondern Quilt Guild Challenge

Project Modern 2: Monochromatic ChallengeSince I’m fairly new to quilting, only about 2 1/2 years in, I knew I wanted to design something different from my normal style for Project Modern’s 2nd Challenge, a monochromatic challenge –I wanted to step out of my comfort zone as a means to widen my skills base.  I’ve always wanted to try diamonds, and so I made that my theme. I was intrigued by the idea of light areas growing into dark, and dark growing into light.  Also, I knew I didn’t want my quilt to have a set pattern, rather I wanted it to be random.

Project Modern 2: Monochromatic ChallengeThis quilt was quite a challenge, for numerous reasons, and I feel like I learned a lot while making it.  For starters, when piecing this quilt, there were no seams to butt up against, like all the other quilts I’ve worked with; instead, all the pieces were matched up blindly.  Along with that, 45 degree angles are just more difficult to piece than 90 degree angles.  These two factors made it difficult when I was trying to line things up perfectly.  I’ve also learned that diamonds are very flexible, they like to stretch out of place sometimes when sewn.  Lastly, when I cut the thin borders for the outside of the diamonds, some of the strips were almost 3 yards long.  I cut these strips length of fabric so I wouldn’t have unnecessary seams.  In the future, I would cut these cross grain I think, so that the strips and the diamonds have the same give.  Now that I have some experience, working this crazy design of mine, I want to make this quilt in every color, I’m just so happy with the results.

Project Modern 2: Monochromatic Challenge

The quilt ended up being 62″ x 86″ in size.  That will most likely shrink down about 5% after the first washing.  I used the following Kona Solids, from the purple family, for my monochromatic theme: orchid, mulberry, petunia, violet, magenta, pansy, crocus, and hibiscus.  I bound the quilt by hand, and quilted it on my normal home machine.  For the quilting, I used an invisible thread for the top, and basically stitched in the ditch making long diagonal double lines, along the entire length of the quilt.

Project Modern 2: Monochromatic ChallengeFor the most part, I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  And now that it’s done, I’ll have to thank my little helper for all her support 😉

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14 observations on “My Monochromatic Quilt for the Mondern Quilt Guild Challenge
  1. Kristen (Creative Stash)

    Really lovely Angela! The colors and diamond shapes are fantastic and the overall design turned out super modern. I love it! I just posted on my blog my first asymmetrical necklace which was out of my beading comfort zone and a challenge but really worth it the creative stretch! Love that you are always trying new things 🙂

  2. Maria Black

    I love it. I really like how you varied the light to dark and back instead of just making a pattern. Great job! I’ve always wanted to start quilting but hadn’t been able to find the time.

  3. lesley

    this is just stunning! nice job. i love it, i love the movement and the play of colour. my daughter would love it, purple is her favourite and her best 🙂

  4. Jene

    So Pretty!!! I love it!!! I think it would be really pretty with the light to dark in like a multi color theme. Kinda like that baby blanket of yours!! Hope you were able to finish it this weekend!!! Hope you are feeling better, it was nice talking to you!! Love you lots! Keep up the great work!!!

  5. Amanda

    Did you create a pattern or have any instructions at all that you would be willing to give or allow me to purchase so I can make this quilt with my grandma?


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