28 responses to “Blogger’s Quilt Festival Spring 2011”

  1. Anne

    I was looking for the comment form and didn’t see it because I was on your home page instead of the page for this quilt. I LOVE it. What a great idea to make it interactive. And the size of it is amazing! What a treasure trove of memories.

  2. Elaine

    I love this kind of thing. Quilts children can play with. I’ve been doing the same type of thing on a smaller scale with fabric paper dolls. It’s great.

  3. Kristie at OCD

    This is beautiful and creative! I love it. Well done :-) You are very talented!

  4. Sara

    Well planned out and love the pockets and such!! Really great quilt:)

  5. Jill

    What a fun interactive quilt!

  6. Cyn

    I can see this quilt being used for years by its lucky owner. Great work, Angela!

  7. Lydia

    This is truly an amazing quilt. What a wonderful interactive toy for a child (or any adult, really).

  8. Jene

    Angela –

    I love this!!! I am sure Monet and the little one will really love playing with it and any others you sell will be enjoyed and treasured by lots!!! I think it is funny that you and Katrina played school! I would never know because I never got to play with you two like that, but that was one of my favorite things to play too. It should be no surprise to anyone that we all turned out to be teachers! However I had to laugh the girl you had on the scene was blonde wavy hair and it looked a lot like a first grade classroom!!! LOL!!!! Love you!!! Can’t wait to see you in 3 weeks!!!

  9. Eileen

    Wonderful, colorful and so creative! Love your quilt. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great day

  10. Karen

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful intercative quilt. It is really fabulous.

  11. Penny G

    That is a wonderful quilt and learning experience. Love it.

  12. Teje

    Amazing quilt! I love everyting in your quilt! Really great and uniqe idea and perfect work!

  13. Janet

    Great quilt and a wonderfully innovative idea. Looks like you had an idyllic childhood and you have captured it well.

  14. Lotti

    What a fantastic quilt, really fun yet beautiful, I love it

  15. Kelli

    Wow! This is awesome! SO much work!!!

  16. Kristen @SoHappy

    Super cute idea to make it an interactive quilt!

  17. Allie

    Oh mercy me – this is wonderful – I love the interactive features!

  18. Karen

    What a wonderful fun quilt! Love the design and the colours. Such a great idea!

  19. Melinda

    Such an awesome quilt! It definitelly lends itself to childhood memories! I love it!

  20. Lori

    Your work is beautiful and I think your work would have made a great book. :)

  21. Pat

    Oh my this quilt is clever. It’s color and the unique blocks really make it a fun quilt. What a fun walk through your happy childhood.

  22. Becky

    I love this quilt! I always want to do bright colors for the babies and this one is just great!

  23. Marci Girl

    What a wonderful quilt, so creative and fun! I am a 1980 baby too!

  24. Hollie

    What an amazing idea! I love this quilt. And the play patches are ingenious!

  25. Amy Smart

    This is wonderful! I especially love that little chalk board. So cute! And so great to meet you IRL!

  26. Margo

    very awesome! what a great quilt!!

  27. Vicki

    What a great idea! I like this quilt a lot!

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