Some Good News

An entire month has passed, and I have only posted on my blog once –I wonder if I still have any readers. Well, for those of you who were about to send out a search party, there’s no need, I’m alive, and I guess I owe you an explanation. Would you like to guess where I’ve been?

Where has Angela been?
A) On Vacation  B) Sleeping & puking  C) Getting her computer fixed  D) All of the above

And the correct answer is D) All of the above.

Yes, yes, I actually have more than one excuse. My computer broke, but it’s now fixed. Also, we took a long and needed vacation to Florida, while it rained and snowed here in Utah. But the main reason for my absence is reason B) Sleeping and puking.

This brings me to my good news, I’m pregnant!

Unfortunately though, pregnancy in my world for the first four months is hell. I realize that some woman go through pregnancy without a touch of nausea, but for other woman, we aren’t so lucky. Nausea, and extreme fatigue have plagued me, all day long, for weeks. My poor daughter asks me a few times a day, “Mommy, you sick? Your belly hurt?”, as she plays in the bathroom while I hug the toilet. In the past, pre-pregnancy, I always worked from 5-7 in the morning, over Monet’s afternoon nap, and in the evenings after everyone had gone to bed.  Lately though, sleep has taken priority, and so I’ve been away.  I do hope you understand.  The good news though is that I’m starting to have good days here and there, and hopefully, this “morning” sickness too will pass.

So, what have you been up to while I’ve been away?

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14 observations on “Some Good News
  1. Marta


    I know exactly what you’re going through and it is really hard, even harder than the first time, when you have no kid to care about but the one inside you. But it does deserve it, it’s a great experience. Hope everything goes ok and you enjoy this new pregnancy.

    Greetings from Catalonia!!!

  2. Kristen (Creative Stash)

    Congrats on the wonderful news! It is so hard the second time around with a little one under foot. Minty gum and tea helped ease my nausea as well as lots of mini meals. I found whenever my tummy was empty that was when the nausea was the worst.

  3. Amanda Davis

    Congratulations! I noticed that you had been away but knew you must have had a good reason… being “with child” is certainly good enough a reason as any!

    Ooooooh, are you hoping to give Monet a baby brother?!

  4. Amber


    I had a feeling that is why you had been absent. I will be spreading the word quickly among the Knebels this weekend. When is baby #2 due?

  5. adrian

    Congratulations! Sorry you are feeling so bad. I was one of those lucky ones who never got sick a single time. I guess people like you get my share. Anyway, hope you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  6. Kristin

    It’s great to hear the official news! We’ve been thinking about you. We loved having you here for Easter. Give Monet a kiss (and the babe)!

  7. Mayi Carles

    we’re still here + we are sooooo excited about the good news! i’m jealous is that super good way! i wish i was going to have a little one too hehehehe. congratulations my dear. i hope the feeling sick part goes away soon + i can’t wait to hear about all the cute stuff you’re going to surely make for this new arrival to the family 🙂

  8. Angela Flicker

    Thank you everyone¸for all your nice words! The past two days haven’t been too bad –a little nausea in the morning and the evening, but otherwise very manageable. I think I’m almost in the clear. I really appreciate all the encouraging words –I feel so loved 😉 Thanks again!


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