Handmade Gifts for our Little June-Bug

county fair birthday invitation Handmade gifts are a part of the family traditions Josh and I are building.  Ever since we have dated, handmade gifts have always been something we have made for each other.  And now that our family has grown, handmade gifts continue to be a theme in our holiday and birthday celebrations.

Monet turns two in about a week, and Josh and I are spending our spare time getting ready for her County Fair themed birthday party, along with finishing up the handmade gifts we have made for her.

This year, for Monet’s birthday, I made her an interactive photo album of her birth.  Since I’m currently pregnant, and the baby’s ultrasound is scheduled for the day before Monet’s birthday, I wanted to take this birthday as an opportunity to talk to her about her birth.  Do you remember the Moda Bake Shop feature I had a few months back, where I wrote a tutorial on how to make a Fabric Photo Album?  Well that’s the book I used for Monet’s gift.  Here are a few pictures of the book:

handmade gifts fabric photo album

The book is filled with photos and memorabilia that Monet can touch and play with.

handmade gifts fabric photo album
handmade gifts fabric photo album

The book also has slots for scrapbook pages and the last page of the book is one big vinyl envelop filled with cards, letters, and other precious items that Monet can pull out and look at.  Each piece tells a story.

handmade gifts fabric photo album

Josh finished making Monet a play kitchen for her bedroom.  Can you believe how cute this is?  Here are a few photos:

Handmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchen

Oh, and did I ever show you the bike that Josh made for Monet a while back?  Here are a few photos:

handmade gifts a wood bike for kidshandmade gifts a wood bike for kidsMonet loves this bike, and I can absolutely see why.  I think she senses how special it is, since it was made for her.  Soon we will be able to flip it over, to make it taller, and turn it into a two-wheel bike.

If you also want to make handmade, here are some past handmade gifts we have made that could inspire you:

A Handmade Holiday Fabric Photo Book

Handmade Accordion Fold Book

Handmade Sock Monkey Art

Handmade Charley Harper Quilt

Handmade Gift Tutorials

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10 observations on “Handmade Gifts for our Little June-Bug
  1. Nicole

    What! Those are amazing! She’s going to love the book. That is the best kitchen ever. I’m soooo jealous! & that bike could make you guys millionaires. It might be time to start marketing that cool thing!

    Miss you guys.

  2. Jene

    Angela & Josh,
    These gifts are amazing! Monet is going to love them!!! They are super cute better then things you can buy at the store!!! You guys are the best, she is so lucky to have you guys as parents!!! Hope you are doing well, don’t forget to call me on Monday to let me know what you found out at the doctors!!! Miss you!! Love you!!!

    1. Angela Flicker


      I wish I could post a tutorial on the kitchen set for you, but to be honest, it was pieced together by three different pieces, and then painted to look like it matches. We picked the stove up at a old preschool who was getting rid of its stuff last year. My hubby made the sink and picked up the faucet at a second hand store. My hubby also found the fridge at a retail/second hand store as well. He screwed them all together, gave them a matching paint job, and presto, just like new. I hope this helps. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Kristen from Creative Stash

    how did I miss this handmade fantastical post?! So lovely. I adore the book you made it so special and the kitchen and bike, wowza! What a lucky little girl. I honestly thought that was a real kitchen for a sec before I read the text. amazing!

  4. jesse

    did your husband work from scratch on this bike or did he follow instructions of some kind – i would really love to make this bike for our daughter! thank you!


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