An Urban Garden with Egg Laying Chickens

Urban Garden Raised Garden Beds

Every morning, around 8 a.m., you can find me and my daughter outside, visiting our egg-laying chickens, and walking through our raised garden beds to check for ripe vegetables.  Our back yard is a haven, an escape from the city –I think that’s why urban gardens are so popular these days.

This morning, as we enjoyed the cool morning air and our morning routine, I took some photos that I thought you might enjoy.  If anything, maybe this can be your escape too!

urban gardenurban chicken coopurban chicken coop

urban chickens

urban chickensurban garden raised garden beds eggplanturban garden raised garden beds eggplant flowerurban garden raised garden beds green cherry tomatoesurban garden raised garden beds squash flowerurban garden raised garden beds purple cabbageurban garden raised garden beds  brussle sproutsurban garden raised garden beds jalepeno peppers

urban garden raised garden beds climbing beansurban garden raised garden beds squash vine latticeurban chickenurban chicken

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7 observations on “An Urban Garden with Egg Laying Chickens
  1. Jess Emerson

    Hey Angela! Your garden looks awesome! I wish we could have something like that in our backyard. Bryan would love having chickens too but I think our dogs would go nuts if we did. 🙂

    1. Angela Flicker


      You know, at first, our dog hated the chicks, and honestly I was scared he would eat them if we left him unattended with them. But we kept pushing it, and now, well, he doesn’t mind the chickens at all. They just ignore each other. And since the chickens are in their beautiful coop most of the time, even if they didn’t get along, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you and Bryan are well.

  2. Colleen

    Hey Angela, I’ve been seriously considering getting some chickens, do you have pros & cons, or any tips for me?

    Your garden looks great! We didn’t get one in this year, but I’ve got the plans all laid out for next year, we’ll be building out boxes this fall.

    1. Angela Flicker

      To start, yes, boxes are the way to go with the garden. If you ever want to talk “garden” let me know –I love it! We have a great system of using compost and organic nutramulch to keep things growing well. And in general, I feel like the raised beds are much less “buggy”. Also, you can overgrow in garden beds which is nice too.

      Concerning the chickens, my advise is to do it! I was really reluctant, because I was worried they were going to be a lot of work, and honestly they are not. I actually wish we would have gotten more than just 4 now. At first, when they are just chicks, you really need to be around. But once they get bigger, they pretty much take care of themselves. Our garden and dog are much more work. You need to clean out their coop about once a week (we just compost it), refill their water every 4 days or so in the summer when it’s hot, and refill their food about once a week. Also, you need to gather eggs once a day. When we are out of town, we just have a neighbor come get the eggs (you don’t have to twist arms though, people always want fresh eggs). When we are home, we let them out to run around 1-2 times a day, but they also have a run under their coop so it’s no big deal if we can’t. We also give them a compost snack from the kitchen everyday, and they love that. All in all, I love our chickens and I’m so glad we got them!

    1. Angela Flicker

      Yes, we did put the garden beds in ourselves, along with the shed, the coop, and all the plants you see (except the trumpet vine which has been there forever we think). Our back yard was pretty blah when we moved in, but since it’s so small, it was pretty easy to get it looking how it does today. My hubby and I LOVE yard work. Before our daughter was born, we would spend an entire weekend in the yard sometimes, and it would barely seem like work 😉 Some people are weird that way I guess.


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