Interactive Play Quilts x 2

Interactive Play QuiltsI’ve been busy working on the custom interactive play quilts I mentioned to you earlier this week.  I just finished an additional two.  This first one, of the record player, is for the medical facility’s music room.  It comes with felt records that can be placed on the record player –I still need to finish hand embroidering those.  The record player is also a hidden pocket so that the extra records can be held out of sight.  Go ahead, turn it on…

interactive play quilts

interactive play quiltinteractive play quiltThis piece is for the facilty’s workout room.  They wanted an outdoor feel and so we decided on a park like theme.

interactive play quiltsTwo more down, and only 5 more to go –I’m almost half done.  I hope your sewing machine is getting as much action as mine is these days.  Happy sewing!

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