Collecting Color: A Custom T-Shirt Quilt

custom t-shirt quiltLast winter, I told a touching story about a  custom t-shirt quilt that I made for a lovely lady who had lost her husband.  This summer, I made another custom t-shirt quilt for one of the daughters.  I feel honored to have been able to make this family heirloom for her.

What a special remembrance of her father.

custom t-shirt quiltcustom t-shirt quiltcustom t-shirt quilt

custom t-shirt quilt

I love the fabrics that this client picked out.  I think it is really stunning how the gray compliments the bright chartreuse color.  It’s just lovely.

custom t-shirt quilt


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5 observations on “Collecting Color: A Custom T-Shirt Quilt
  1. Cyn

    I think these quilts are so special and personal. I just love that you get to be a part of a family’s story through your craft. And yes, a lovely color combination!

  2. City Chic - Jamie

    I love how beautiful and meaningful this quilt is! My mom made me a quilt out of all the bridesmaid dresses that I was never going to wear again and I love remembering my friends and their special day with it. We missed you last weekend at the Creative Connection Event, we hope you and your family are doing well! xoxo


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