Custom Handmade Wood Cart for Sewing Classes

handmade wood cart for sewing classes

I have been teaching sewing lessons at a local school for the past few years.  I enjoy every minute I spend teaching, but unfortunately the cleaning up is no fun at all.

Cleanup has always been a nightmare, since I don’t have my own classroom.  Every week I would haul machines, irons, boards (both ironing and rotary), fabric, extension cords, scissors, rulers, etc, etc, etc to the classroom I was going to teach in.  Lately, with a full class, it was taking me about 45 minutes to clean up each week.  My husband was getting frustrated with me getting home so late, and so I asked him to build me a cart.  I sketched up a design, and in a matter of just two days, this is what he created:

Handmade Wood Cart for Sewing Classes

This handmade wood cart is perfect.  It hold 4 machines on the bottom.  The middle shelf is actually two shelves that stack on-top each other, and they hold all my fabric and other supplies.  The top is for the irons –now I don’t have to wait for them to cool.  And the side/bottom boxes hold the ironing boards and rotary boards.  It’s perfect!  No more hauling things back and forth.  Now I just load this baby up, and roll it away.  I’m so excited!

Handmade Wood Cart for Sewing ClassesThe best part is that the cart stacks (it’s made of 4 different boxes that come apart), so it’s really easy to get things in and out.  And now that everything is perfectly organized, my students have no excuses when cleaning up –everything has a place!

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3 observations on “Custom Handmade Wood Cart for Sewing Classes
  1. Benta

    That is awesome. I teach adult education once a week, and family learning once a week and two monthly classes, and could so do with one of them. I don’t even need the machine layer as we sew by hand, but I have three *huge* bags of stuff that I take everywhere, and live in the back of my car, husband is a bit of a bodger, so I’ll try asking nicely, but I don’t fancy my chances 🙁

  2. Gabe... Angela's Father in law

    WOW…. that is such a cool idea and practical as well. Teachers everywhere will love it especially traveling art teachers that go all over a school. Just get ready and put the boxes out when and where needed.
    Now you just need a little ramp to wheel it straight up into the back of an SUV.

    I’m sure Josh will think of something…..

    Love Dad

  3. SarThiyka

    This is a really great way to rmemeber someone you love so much! I love quilts and I think it’s really cool that you know how to make them I’m slightly jealous. Your aunt was right. Every baby should have a new blanket and everyone else should have one to cuddle up on the sofa with I’m glad you share her determination.jacqui recently posted..


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