Celebration of the Hand Kickstarter Video Coming Soon

Angela Flicker Celebration of the Hand Kickstarter Video

I was interviewed by Craft Lake City today, for the “Celebration of the Hand” Kickstarter video.  The Salt Lake City Film Festival is generously donating their time to make this video, in order to help Craft Lake City raise awareness and funds for the “Celebration of the Hand” Temporary Museum of Permanent Change exhibit opening in July.  I’m nervous to see myself on tape, as I was a bit of an anxious mess.  I’m much better at these sort of things when I am in my natural habitat.  Yet at the same time, I am so thankful, excited and honored to be a part of what Craft Lake City is doing.

Thanks you Craft Lake City, The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change, and Salt Lake City Film Festival!!  Thank you!

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2 observations on “Celebration of the Hand Kickstarter Video Coming Soon
  1. usairdoll

    Love it! What a clever idea to do a beach bag. Love the bold colors you chose, perfect for the beach. Thanks for sharing and I’d love to give this ruler a try.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  2. Michele T

    This bag is awesome, I love it… all those colours – wow! You can toss my name in the hat to win one of those rulers!! Thanks for sharing.


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