“Celebration of the Hand” Kickstarter Video

The Celebration of the Hand Kickstarter Video is up.  You can view it here.

A quilt is meant to be touched and used, not just looked at.  That’s why I think my modern interactive quilt will be perfect for the “Celebration of the Hand Exhibit.”  My piece is basically going to be an interactive, modern quilt. It will be interactive in the sense that it has pockets so that passersby can insert notes, photos, tickets, basically things from the city and their community. I think it will be neat to see what gets put in the pockets overtime.

When I first heard about The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change, I wanted my piece to not only interact with the public aesthetically, but also in a physical sense. I wanted it to be touched, thought about, manipulated, revisited in a respectful way. And when I heard about the theme “Celebration of the Hand”, I immediately thought about everything I do with my hands: sewing, designing, gardening, collecting eggs, holding my children, writing letters, taking photos, etc.  Then I got to thinking about how hands are used everyday in the city: to type, to cook, to serve a meal, etc.

I imagine this piece becoming a mini-time capsule. An opportunity for people in the community to express and interact with the art, and to express what it is that they do with their hands everyday.

I’ve been trying to get a book published over the past few years. My first book idea was on interactive quilts for kids. Lately though, I’ve been creating art that reflects more of my style, and has less of a childlike feel –art that is more modern, geometric, and full of color.  That being said, ironically my daughter, and my first book idea, still influenced me when I was thinking up this design.  Monet, my daughter, using her hands to collect treasures is a perfect example of what the pockets in this quilt could be used for.

I hope in reading this post, you can see the heart and creativity that I will be putting into my Plakat piece for the Celebration of the Hand Exhibit.

Please, take a moment to watch the video and donate today.  Thanks.

Angela Flicker

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