Junebug Dress for Toddlers and Babies

toddler dressJust recently, I have started designing dress patterns for toddlers and babies.  My daughter has been the best little model.  Monet’s middle name is June (her birthday is in June), and when she was just a baby her nickname quickly became “Junebug”.  Naturally, I named my first dress design after her.

toddler dress

toddler dress

I haven’t made a sewing pattern for this dress yet.  Right now, I’m just selling the actual dresses, custom made by me.  You can find it in my Etsy shop for purchase:  Junebug Dress for Toddlers and Babies by The Artists’ House.  I have been making a bunch of dresses lately, because I’ll be selling them at The Farmer’s Market and Craft Lake City this summer.

toddler dresses

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