A Story

Today, I want to share a story with you–a story explaining where I have been, and where I am headed…

There once was a young girl, who grew up in a family of contractors, builders, engineers, and farmers. Along with that, creative woman surrounded her. She wore extravagant handmade dresses and slept under blankets made by loving hands—creativity was all around her. Naturally, though, she fought the idea that she might be anything like her mother, who was a contractor, designer, and masterful seamstress. Acknowledging her strength in math and her keen problem solving abilities, she decided to pursue a career in mathematics education.

While in college, without knowing better, she rejected anything creative and instead embraced a pursuit of the logical. It wasn’t until later in her program when she was “accidentally” exposed to art, that she realized her true passion. For the first time, she understood what it meant to completely get lost in the process of one’s “work”. Her art professors encouraged her to pursue a career in art, but because she was so close to graduation, she could not will herself to start a new path when her original goal was so near.

As a math teacher, this now young lady was always trying to convince her students about the practical applications of math. Some of them were a hard crew to convince, but in this process of trying to convince them, she started to convince herself. She found herself daydreaming about a different career—a job where her passion for art, and her innate ability in math would come together. Along with that, she began to embrace much about her mother that she had once rejected.  In herself, she saw her creativity, her love for design, and her attention to detail. This series of events is what sparked in her the realization that she was meant for architecture and design.

Along the way, she married a boy who was an artist. Side-by-side, they were constantly creating. Before long she was pregnant. When it came to something as precious as her baby’s blanket, a store-bought one would not do. She took it upon herself to design her daughter’s quilt.

Inspired by what she had made, she found herself sketching other designs. She was unable to ignore her impulse to create. Soon her obsession developed into a small design business, allowing her to work in a more creative field and stay home with her young children.

Many women might see the birth of their children as the possible death of their career, but not this young lady. She has found that motherhood has given her a new beginning. This young lady’s story is mine, and more than ever, I now realize how much I need creativity to be integral in my daily “work.” Motherhood and my recent undertaking as a designer and business owner, have given me the courage I need to take this step and go back to school.

My per-requisites are almost done, my portfolio is finished, and I have submitted my application.  Now, well, now I wait…

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2 observations on “A Story
  1. Gabe... Angela's Father in law

    So proud of you! Way to go getting into the masters program. You will be a great one!

  2. City Chic Jamie

    Good for you, you go girl! I am just catching up on some blog reading – my daughter is now 8 months old and is finally taking some decent naps so I get a little more time to myself 🙂 Your little ones are so adorable! Hugs to you!


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