The Artists’ House started one happy day when I married a boy who was an artist. I too loved to create things and so side-by-side we created beautiful things together.

Soon I was pregnant, and before my daughter was born I wanted the very best for her. When looking for that perfect baby blanket, I found myself disappointed with what was out there. When it came to something as precious as her baby blanket, something she would wrap up in every night, and drag around every day, well, only the best would do.

Nothing was quite right though and so I designed and made her blanket, my very first quilt. One quilt turned into two, and two to three, and soon I realized that I too was an artist, not just an artist’s wife.

And so now I create truly unique quilts, sewn together one piece at a time–quilts that are “only the best” for you and your loved ones.

Along with quilts, I also make other things–I make things that make a house not just a house, but a home. I make things that add character, warmth, and charm to a space, without the extravagance that might otherwise make beautiful things inaccessible to those with children.

Now I have two great loves, my family and my art.

General Inquires

I can be reached at theartistshouse(at)gmail(dot)com


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