Did you know that it is my blog’s one year anniversary today?

Ahhh, it brings back memories.  Five years ago I had a dream about The Artists’ House.  I was wanting to go back to school to get my MFA in interior architecture and design, and I had this dream about a business that I owned where my husband and I lived in this old, huge, two story home.  And in the dream, we lived on the top floor, and on the main level we ran a design company.  My husband Josh, who is a ceramist, had a studio and gallery in this space.  The gallery was filled with Josh’s work, along with other great artists from around the world.  People came to us from near and far –we remodeled their homes and furnished them with fine art.

This dream is always something my husband and I come back to, something we are working towards, minus or plus a few details.  And everyday that I continue to follow my dream, literally in a sense, I feel like I’m getting closer.

I believe that when things are made with love from a person’s hands, and you fill your space with those things –that’s what makes a house a home. My house is a home not just because of my art, my husband’s art, and daughter’s art, but other artists’ work as well.  That’s what The Artists’ House dream was all about, and that’s the community I’m trying to create here online.

Won’t you join us, and celebrate this small milestone with us?

For the entire month of February, we’re going to be celebrating The Artists’ House one year anniversary with giveaways, favorite past posts, pattern reviews, a quilt-along, sneak-peaks leading up to a new line of quilts that I’m going to launch in March, and, to top it all off, you might even see me doing tutorials on other big name blogs.  Along with that, I’m also opening my doors to sponsorship and affiliate programs for the first time, where I hope to help support awesome creative businesses and entrepreneurs like myself.

Today, why don’t we ease into the celebration –here is my very first blog post.



image credit: My Art 2 Cherish