This past weekend I hosted a ladies craft night.  Each month an amazing group of woman I know, get together and work on a different craft.  One of our fellow crafters, and dear friend, is pregnant with her first child and so we decided to make a baby quilt.  Here she is.  Isn’t she glowing?!
Some of these same ladies made a quilt for me and Monet about this same time last year.  Their kind act brought me to tears; forever Monet and I will cherish that quilt, along with the people who made it.  You can read more about it here…
Each block of the quilt was made and mailed by a different loved one.  Each of the eight members of our craft group also contributed a block.  After friends, mothers, sisters, and brothers all contributed, we had a total of sixteen blocks, each telling it’s own story, a story that will eventually be told to a little baby boy still inside his mother’s belly.
The quilt came together pretty quickly, after about five hours of work.  By the end of the night it was done, all except the binding.  We are now passing it around, from one lady to the next, until the binding is complete and the quilt is securely fastened together.  I like the symbolism behind this, as I hope we ladies stay close-knit and support Mira in this next stage of her life.
Speaking of support, tomorrow I’ll be talking about the very important and yet controversial issue of mothers and society.