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How to Cut a Chain of Paper Dolls

how to cut a chain of paper dolls You may remember cutting a chain of paper dolls from your childhood, but may not remember the exact procedure. These directions will help stir your memory and get you crafting.

A few months back, I wrote about “Crafts for Kids with Scrap Fabric”.  These paper dolls are a great extension or variation to that project.

And before I get to the tutorial part of this post, I wanted to make an announcement.  At Craft Lake City this Saturday, I will be hosting a craft booth where kids can make these paper doll chains.  Come on by!

craft lake city 2012

DIY Paper Doll Chain

Things You’ll Need:

• Construction paper or card-stock (old file folders also work great)

• Pen or pencil

• Scissors and glue

• Doll Template

• Craft supplies such as scrap fabric, markers, crayons, yarn, etc.


1. Fold paper into an accordion with equal parts. (Note: 9×12 construction paper gets folded in half, 12×18 construction paper gets folded in thirds, old file folders get folded in fourths, etc)

2. Take the accordion folded paper, and using the doll template, draw a doll shape on to the top panel of the paper. Make sure to touch side to side with arms/hands and additional points if desired, such as the skirt and/or feet.

doll template

chain paper doll tutorial

3. Cut along the drawn outline, making sure not to cut into the linking arms/hands.

4. Open the chain of paper dolls and color or decorate the dolls with scrap fabric, yarn, crayons, markers, etc.

5. Consider drawing non-traditional forms, such as animals or aliens, for additional creativity.

DIY Paper Doll Chain tutorial

Happy crafting!

Crafts for Kids with Scrap Fabric

Crafts for Kids with Scrap Fabric

Lately, I have been keeping my eyes open, trying to find crafts for kids that use scrap fabric.  My stash of scrap fabric is taking over my studio, and so the other day when I was spring cleaning I decided I needed to let my daughter help me.

crafts for kids with scrap fabric

First, she made a house.  It was much like a gingerbread house, but we used fabric, glue and an old box instead of cookies, icing, and candy.

crafts for kids with scrap fabric

She also decorated a few paper dolls and a paper horse.  The outcome was adorable and it occupied her for days.  Along with that, it was a great activity to help with her cutting and gluing skills.  I didn’t realize this, but children’s scissors will cut fabric.  (I bet they will also cut hair and clothes then –note to self!)

After Monet was all done, I still had gobs of fabric left, so we put together about ten kits for other cousins and friends.

Crafts for Kids with Scrap Fabric

What kid crafts have you done, as a means to use up all that scrap fabric?