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Making a House a Home: Custom Family Art

Beautiful Scars

Have you you ever had someone ask you about a scar and it turns into a 30 minute conversation?  Or other people you might not even know chime in on your conversation and everyone tries to outdo each other with stories of how they got this or that scar?  The trauma of the event seems to light up the neurons in the brain and people can remember with detail every little event associated with their scar.
Jeff Campana’s ceramics always draw me in because of their deep scars.  They display them proudly as a badge of honor.  The scars make his pottery delicately artistic yet add great structural strength.  
It also reminds me of different African tribes who use scarification as both a right of passage and a mark of beauty.  Sometimes in our culture we might not be able to get over the disfigurement but I think we are all fascinated on some level by the story behind those scars.  I’m sure the bearers of those scars would love to tell us all about them, and I personally would love to hear what they have to say.
With my advanced ceramics students I am hoping to create a project with them that focuses on wounded pottery.  We will take a perfectly fine pot and cut into it.  We will reassemble it or even sew it back together and hopefully we will have a pot that now contains a little more history, a badge of honor, and a story to tell.  
Check out more of Jeff Campana’s work and purchase items at his shop on Etsy

Friendship, One of Life’s Greatest Gifts

Jess’s Text: Touch down! I heart the Wasatch!
Angela: We heart you! Monet just woke up. R u up for a walk?
Jess: Yeah! Jen’s in route…then we will come to you.
Angela: I’m so excited and can’t wait to see u. I might pee in my pants.
Jess: I’ve already pissed myself twice!
A dear friend of mine is back in town and so last night a group of us got together to celebrate. I had a wonderful evening, laughing and catching up with a group of amazing woman. These woman have been my support and encouragement the past few years while I have lived in Utah, away from my family back in IL. I realize how cliche this sounds, but truly I cannot describe in words what these ladies mean to me. And so today, I thought I would share with you some art that was inspired by friendship, one of life’s greatest gifts.
Fine art print by Kristina Laurendi Havens.  You can visit her etsy shop here or her blog here.
Print by Karen Denten.  You can visit her Etsy shop here and her website here.
Metal wall sculpture by Robbyn and John Runyon.  You can visit their Etsy shop here and their website here.
Today I’ll be enjoying a picnic in the sun with my daughter and friends.  I hope you too get an opportunity to spend some time with people who are special to you.

Etsy Direction Eco-Friendly Style

Today we’re going to do our Etsy Direction, eco-friendly style. Check out these three great products…

I love old windows. My husband and I are always saving them and hoping to use them for something creative. In the past, we used them in the garden. We put them on hinges and they served as a little green house for our sensitive seedlings. Spring can be rough here in Utah and the windows are both practical and beautiful used in that setting.

I love what this artist has done, turning old windows into chalk boards.

And look at this bird feeder. I bet the sun plays nicely off this in the summer time.

A friend of mine has glasses like these. I always ooh and ah over them in the summer time. They are just gorgeous in a summer meal time setting. Heck, there gorgeous inside too.

All of these products have me craving summer time.

Etsy Direction + Plus A Few Good Friends

Here’s a few more great products shared with you on today’s Etsy Direction, Baby Style
Hooter Hider from Lilacs and Lollipops
Custom Baby Crib Bedding from Mellissa’s Boutique

Hats from I’ll Be Yarned
 I also wanted to share with you the work of two dear friends of mine, both amazing artists
Heather, from HT Designs, creates beautiful baby announcements, thank you cards, shower invitations, and much more.  Check her out! 
And last, but NOT least, Erin Stoll from Erin Stoll Photography, takes the most amazing pictures.  It’s worth the drive to small town Seward, NE.
Can you believe all the amazing talent!?  I’m now inspired to go work on a few projects of my own.  I hope you enjoyed today’s direction!

Etsy Direction – Baby Style – Five Things All Mothers Should Have

Today I’m going to point mothers, expecting mothers, people who know expecting mothers, and people who know mothers… Ok, who doesn’t this apply to then?  I’m so silly.  
Anyway, here is todays Etsy direction…
Amazing shops, full of amazing baby goodies.  Here are five things all mothers should have…
1.  Cute Onesies
2.  A “Lovey” blanket
3.  A One-of-a-kind Baby Quilt
4.  A Hip Diaper Bag
5.  Cute Shoes
These items are just the tip of the iceberg.  You really can find so many beautiful and one-of-a-kind items on Etsy.  

Loving Lockets and Bows and Pearls and Ribbon

I love the femininity, elegance, and simplicity of jewelry these days. 

The three beauties posted above come from jcrew.  
And while I like J. Crew, I was hoping that maybe I could find something on Etsy instead.  I believe very strongly in supporting artists and just love all the handmade goods you can find there.  I’ll plan on making regular posts like this one, just consider it an “Etsy Direction”.  Seriously, you can get lost for hours surfing among all the beautiful shops. 
Here is what I found…
These necklaces are from ERMoriginals’ Shop.  Her stuff is amazing…
Well, I hope I’ve pointed you into the right direction.  What do you think?  I think you should go and give her a visit.